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    Quick update on some recent changes on the site.


    On New Years day we unveiled our new logo and header.  Logo designed by no god anywhere. Header text designed by MultiLockOn.



    In conjunction with this, our Profile Image has been updated to the new logo at all other locations (Twitter, Discord, etc.)


    Tying into the visual update to the header, we've implemented a new Rep Bar.  Here are all of the rankings, both name and point values.



    Final update for today is on site apparel. The initial thought and conversations around NLD Shirts started nearly a year ago now.  Having solidified a logo, a new forum home, and a healthy and growing community, now is the perfect time to take this next step.  And so, we've recently been laying the groundwork for such a step - setting up a support structure for creating and shipping products. We may share more detail about this in the future, if anyone is interested, but for now it's enough to say that we believe we have a good system in place.  We initially ordered a first run of shirts to verify prompt delivery and good quality, and it all looks good so far.  Over the coming weeks, we'll be working on the final steps to make these available to the public.  We think you'll like what you get.  :classic_biggrin:



    Here's a look at one of the color options, freshly un-boxed and tried on:

    IMG_2513.jpg.38a02d3dd6b78fda1f2ca22c42e3cc8f.jpg     IMG_2512.jpg.036843bcd19b8ec20d3e0279d1f6b576.jpg


    I'm going to leave you with one final thing. Occasionally I come across content that's excellent, but I have no plan to share it officially on the site (which can be the case for a variety of reason).  This happened a couple of times this week, so I have some links to share.


    First is an article from a member of a site called 'Plus Forward', which focuses on Quake. I came across it randomly as I was searching for something else. 

    The article is called 'The Language of Arena FPS Level Design'. It proposes a community effort to systematize Quake Mapping through defining critical Nodes, and how they interact with each other - things such as "control shifts", "respawns", "making noise","late game", "high ground advantage", etc.  In addition to the thoughtful writing by the author, the comments are definitely worth reading as well - some good discussion going on.

    Link: https://www.plusforward.net/post/21433/The-Language-of-Arena-FPS-Level-Design/


    Finally, a PDF of a book by Andrew Chaplin titled 'The Architecture of Diagrams - A Taxonomy of Architectural Diagrams'.  This book demonstrates 18 different types of diagrams used in architecture. There is definitely some value in understanding these different types of diagrams and utilizing them in a design process where appropriate. 

    One example: Post Facto Explications - these are used to describe design aspects after the design is complete.


     image.png.7c5bc1c67f84ce65672fc98ade0a098c.png      image.png.2cabdd54205a5dfdac62e0aeab3c96da.png


    I've attached the full PDF.


    And that's a wrap for now.  


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