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    UT Level Design - m0zidesigner

    In this 6-Part Youtube series, -m0zidesigner- shares his level design process, step by step. Watch how he develops the map from the early blockout stage, breathes life into it through detail work and lighting, and then releases a polished map.

    Watch the entire series and you're bound to come away with something that will help you improve your own process. And even if you don't, I think you'll enjoy watching the map come alive.


    Making a fully playable multiplayer map from the ground up in Unreal Tournament.


    • Part 1: Map Blockout
    • Part 2: First Pass Static Mesh Work
    • Part 3: Detail Work
    • Part 4: Creating Level Collision
    • Part 5: Level Lighting/Tutorial
    • Part 6: Map Complete!


    Part 1: Map Blockout



    After several requests and comments on my visual scenes I have decided to make a functional mod map! This level is for the new Unreal Tournament. Right now it is just a geo shell that is playable with bots. I will be taking feedback from the community on any layout changes before diving into the visuals.



    Part 2: First Pass Static Mesh Work



    Quick update on my UT level design project. Did a first pass of static meshes. Removed the entire shell and started to form some shapes and architecture with the meshes. Still a ton of work left to do but getting there!



    Part 3: Detail Work



    I am still working on this project and it will be playable soon! Just waned to do a video showcasing some of the detail static mesh work that went into the level so far. 

    I would say I am 80% done with the level. Still have collision work, visual clean up and lighting to do. When I do collision and lighting I will make videos for those to showcase my work flow and maybe share some knowledge in the process :)



    Part 4: Creating Level Collision



    In this video for my UT level I cover the topic of how to create smooth level collision to help with a level's flow and gameplay. I wanted to record the work I did on the map but that video was getting too long. So I decided just to finish the collision pass and do a short tutorial on the topic in basic test map. 

    As always thanks for your support. Leave any questions/comments down below. I will answer when I can!



    Part 5: Level Lighting/Tutorial



    Good news! The map is done! I finished the deco and lighting work on the map the other day. Bots work as well! I need to fix a few more things and do a full rebuild before sharing a playable revision with you fancy people. In meantime enjoy this lighting tutorial!



    Part 6: Map Complete!



    The map is finally done! Basically a short retrospective of where things began and how the final design turned out. You can also download the map yourself and give it a spin against bots!



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    Article Preview: In this 6-Part Youtube series, m0zidesigner shares his level design process, step by step. Watch how he develops the map from the early blockout stage, breathes life into it through detail work and lighting, and then releases a polished map.

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