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      The Mythic Arena Playlist has launched in Halo 5. Mythic arena consists of community created settings and maps, designed to create a 'classic' Halo experience. Read about it from the creators.

      Series on Reaching Perfection (level design) and Trinity (game design) continue. A talk on Environmental Design. An NLD Flashback to a multiplayer level design guide. Updates on member projects, Twitter, and our November Challenge.

      Week 47 brought us articles on teaching players, game mechanics, level design patterns, and Action Blocks. From the forums, educational videos, WIP's and a Twitter review.

      A piece on playtesting, Mike Stout's game design series continues, Super Mario Bros level design, and a video on backtracking. Also, a map preview, content from the Architectural Imagination and Twitter, and a reminder about our November Challen

      Epic hosts their 5th annual MegaJam, which kicks off on November 14th. Register now!

      Quixel and Epic Games have joined forces. As a result, Quixel's Megascans, Bridge, and Mixer will be available for free for all Unreal Engine users.

      This week on NLD - An article on Playtesting, a look at the Level Design process of Cogmind, a series on a comprehensive game design methodology, and tips from John Romero. Also, projects from members, twitter content, and NLD logo ideas.

      This week on NLD - Beginning Level Design, a huge CS:GO level design guide, and an article discussing the difference between Environmental and Level Design. In the forums, a look at member WIP's, and #Blocktober content. Also, a new NLD Challeng

      In Week 43, we shared articles on Beginning Level Design, the Game Design of Halo 1, Doing Your Research, and the level design of Dishonored 2. Also, projects and previews from the forums, The Architectural Imagination, and Blocktober content galore.

      Week 42 on NLD Featured articles on 'Level Design for Games', 'What Design Elements Determine Flow', 'Community Level Design for Competitive CS:GO', and 'Art and Level Design'. Also, newly shared projects and p

      Greetings Friends! Week 41 on NLD brought us articles on Level Design Patterns, Learning LIghting for Games, and The Making of the Miami level of Hitman 2. Also, updates from multiple contests, #Blocktober, and projects shared in the forums.

      Week 40, 2019 featured the start of a scary NLD Challenge, a Review of the Modern Warfare Beta, an article on Architecture in Level Design, an NLD Flashback, tons of Blocktober content, and content shared on the forums.

      Architecture engages a culture’s deepest social values and expresses them in material, aesthetic form. This course will teach you how to understand architecture as both cultural expression and technical achievement.

      This week on NLD featured submissions to the September Challenge, articles on building Source Levels within 3ds Max, an NLD Original from Max Pears on Level Design for Combat, a well rounded guide on Map Design Theory,and lot's of forum content.

      Week 38 Featured 3 articles on level design, covering processes, psychology, and procedurally generated content. Also, updates to our Projects section, a Twitter review, and content shared by our members.

      Week 37 on NLD brought an article on designing levels to keep players engaged, a thorough video series on lighting, a look at designing for flow, and a talk on order in game narrative. On the forums, inspirational images, WIP's and Twitter news.

      Week 36 at Next Level Design featured the announcement of our September Challenge, multiple Articles, and plenty of forum content.

      Join the community of NLD by participating in this month's design challenge. This month's topic: The Duel.

      As August comes to end, we take a gander at the activity on the site over week 35. See the Articles, Projects, and other activity shared on Next Level Design.

      Week 34 on NLD Featured articles on Color Theory, Choke Points, PvP Problems, and a video on Level Design Tips. Also, links to more content shared in the forums and on Twitter.

      Jim Brown of Epic discusses techniques that can be used to increase the likelihood of players developing emotional ties to the games they play in this GDC presentation. He believes that these ties are beneficial to both players and developers.
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