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    January Challenge: Resolutions


    Welcome to the new decade! This is an opportunity to rediscover what makes us who we are, to reflect upon our past actions and opinions then address them in an effort to work for a better us. Something that may be beneficial to change may be core to how we define ourselves, making it hard to accept that it is problematic to our growth as people. Even though it may be painful, being a better, more capable person is worth it.



    All of us as designers need to recognize that we can always improve ourselves and our methods to produce even better levels, weapons, and games overall. This month's challenge should be a microcosm of our growth as designers and a detailed focus on what we can do to boost our potential. Find something that you can greatly improve about yourself and your designs and execute a plan to address those faults.


    Something that all who wish to participate in this challenge should know this: a design principle or quirk isn't the only kind of thing that can be addressed for this challenge. If you feel that a character or psychological or emotional trait about yourself would be more beneficial to your growth as a designer, go for it. No, it's not likely that this trait would be completely changed by the end of this challenge, but this can provide the tools to cope with or even eventually eradicate it. Because of the potential benefits, this could be a recurring process for the whole of the year or even longer. Enough of the sappy stuff, let's get to designing!


    We recommend that you post in the Submission and Discussion thread that tells of your goals with this challenge and how you intend to achieve it. Writing it down, even digitally, helps with retaining that information, thus remembering it more readily. Good luck to all of you in this resolution!



    Only three guidelines apply to this challenge:

    • The level must be designed around what you wish to improve about yourself or your design choices
    • The level must be posted on the January Challenge: Resolutions Submission and Discussion Thread
    • The post must include at least one picture/sketch of the level

    If you're not registered on the site, it's an easy process. Here's a link to where you can do so: (link)


    The submission thread will remain open until February 2nd at 11:59pm. There is no limit to the number of levels you can submit. Submit one and go into as much detail about it as possible, or submit many with little detail. Take whichever route you feel will be the most beneficial to your own development.


    A couple of details that could be included in the level post as a way to better convey the design process are:

    1. The sandbox of which the level is designed for (Quake, Halo, Call of Duty, etc.)
    2. Multiple Pictures, and/or video footage of the level
    3. An overview of the layout
    4. A flow diagram of the map
    5. An explanation of the source of inspiration for the level
    6. Anything that helps convey the thought process behind the level


    Here's a link to the Submission thread for this Challenge:(link)



    My goal for this month is to address one of my main issues: commitment to a project. I've been an easily discouraged designer, whether it be due to a lack of confidence or pure boredom. I'll be pledging to fully commit to a new multiplayer level in Halo 5, getting it playable as soon as possible and then playtesting multiple times to then iterate upon it at least once a week. Something that I really hope to have improve along the way is a feel for how Halo 5's combat flows. Because I'm always designing, I end up only designing for a theoretical game in my head rather than the one that I actually am making it in. I'll need help, of course, tons of it, but that's what this forum's community is for; you show a commitment to your design and a willingness to improve and people will be happy to help.


    For the level itself, anything above 2v2 doesn't seem very viable. Outside of the recent Mythic playlist, it's been near impossible to find or even create 4v4 testing lobbies. Thankfully the majority of forgers in this forum seem to prefer designing for the lower player counts anyway, so there's plenty of levels that I can look at and play for reference and experience. This has lead me to choose 2v2 to design around. I'm unsure of a theme as of yet. This map is only intended to be a polished blockout, so theme will influence some of the micro and a bit of the macro at best. Now that I have this, it's time to get to forging! I'll be posting updates in the Submission and Discussion thread.



    If you'd like to suggest some changes and/or improvements for subsequent challenges, feel free to do so in our Challenge Feedback thread here: (link)





    Article Preview: With a whole decade to look back upon, designers are tasked with improving something about their design choices or about themselves as designers.

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