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  3. I like it. Someone else said it before I'm sure but what about power ups that spawn at different areas of the map. Almost like hill on construct. predetermined spots that change every drop. Not only adds a layer of skill to timing and knowing the next placement but also promotes the movement now that people always have to go to a new spot instead of camping the same one every drop.
  4. What do you guys think of using weapons/power ups to promote movement
  5. BRUHHHH THIS GUY ASCENDS US ALL! Flow, Room, Map, Lanes, Layouts, Connections, High End Item, Dead End,Battle Arena, Spawns, Teams, Pathways, Combat, Middle, Fights, Camping, Multiple Exits, 3 Lanes, Design, Gravitate, Disconnected, Battlegrounds, 1 way, Areas, Game play, Set Ups, 80% Swag, 28% Majority, Strategic, Quake Reference , Verticality, Multiple planes, Cover, Level Playing Fields, Equals, Reflexes, Halo, Destiny, Multiple Shots, Hills, Ground, Sight-lines, Head-shot material, Precision., Podiums, 2-D Image, Shooting, Angles and Box your Dog!
  6. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" Evidence I have yet myself to bare witness too. The forge community is small, I have all of you in my head. Even you @spranklz
  7. You guys just can't get us out of your heads, eh?
  8. Damn. I really wanted to stream some design work today, but ah well. It's the weekend. I should rest up.

  9. @CarlosZarachoA I felt like the levels really struggled with the ability to destroy absolutely everything. I think…

  10. @CarlosZarachoA Hence the whole building mechanic in BF1/5. I'm not really a fan of that mechanic tbh. I feel like…

  11. @CarlosZarachoA I remember someone talking about how god AWFUL Battlefield 1942's map design transfers into current…

  12. @CobTheCreator Yeah I USUALLY take the brew that my parents make, but I figured why the hell not and try something…

  13. @CarlosZarachoA I LOVED Bad Company 2. I'd love a 2142 remake/futuristic BF or a Bad Company 3.

  14. You ever just botch a cover letter so bad you just


    Yeah.. That happened.

  15. RT @swear_trek:

  16. @ScrapPaperDev Hmmm... I personally like the left more. There's more detail in the background. The right looks like…

  17. "You Claim to have reached enlightenment, to have climbed the very top of the Zed Axis. You give evidence of your Grasp of design and path, of balance and risk, and portray that you mastered the Zone Art. Certainly, you hold out your palm, a stony hand of a Golem, a testimony to your unshaken belief in your own craft. "But consider this! You are in a Chokehold, a Strangle of the mind. You are seldom ready to learn or accept other thoughts or suggestions in your Lonesome Fort. Your boast of your ideas being Seventh Sent, that there is light trickling down onto you from the Sunlight Keep, is only a strong analysis that you aren't aware of the Iceworm that rests in your heart. "Consider again; in your Box Town, you have fallen into a Pitdrop. Your methods, you Dig 'Em Deep, you Dig Till Dawn that you are fastened into them, to the point where your Dissident backgrounds are Aerial above you. To be Frank, it seems that your Lost Growth has sent you into an Optic Prison, a perpetual state of mental Catharsis. A Night Flight would assuredly help you climb out, but it would not aid in your belief in others' 'Hot Trash'. "If there is no chance of you to reconsider your thoughts, in that inevitable Day of Defeat, don't say you weren't warned." Solflamus' letter to his comrades, Multenlockus & Xeledanthris
  18. @Totter87

  19. Holy hell how do people drink iced coffee?? I got one from a gas station that I'm a regular at that I visit after w…

  20. I'm dead.

    But PLEASE, we need a remaster or revisit to a futuristic battlefield. P L E A S E. I'm practically flin…

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