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  2. Are Novadivers distinct from Gods, and what about Homeslices? unrelated @Kantalope there's the pink/purple one with the pyramid blocks and ivy there's the desert sangheili one with the light rays there’s the 1v1 gungoose Japanese village WIP generic UNSC 193772 or something dodec 1 and 2 (WIP?) Are there any maps you think we ought to remember? Dodecahedron is definitely the one with the most staying power because it’s 1) finished 2) insane 3) fun to play 4) unique 5) you brought it up a lot
  3. A novadiver can know this and still question it. Novadiver dive into everything including questions. I meant how else would they have learned about creating the big bang with studying that pile of hot trash. @Kantalope I think some people including myself remember that map more just because you mention it more. I remember some forerunner room-based map and some white map with some very bright green ivy but you kind of dropped talking about them.
  4. Yes, but I don’t recall their names. I also remember a lot of the WIP’s you’ve posted that were never released. I’ve always appreciated your ability to think outside the box and not follow the prevailing trends of the community.
  5. Cause humans are mortal and like to feel recognized, loved, worshipped, remembered. You learn this kind of stuff when you become a novadiver
  6. Be honest: do any of you remember any of my levels aside from Dodecahedron? And no cheating by looking at what I've posted in the past.
  7. Absolutely, I'm more thumbing my nose at how narrow the perception of "integrity" is when it relates to map design for "hAlO".
  8. man these fusion coils looks like someone threw them together in blender in 5 mins Classic art style doesn't mean less detail and polygons 343... holy fuck maybe they're just banished fusion coils, maybe forerunner fusion coils will actually look good again
  9. I too find this side of the universe appealing, and under-utilized in the games. Halo Wars is interesting and all, but ODST is the closest the franchise has come to putting you in the boots. I think there's a lot of opportunity for 343 to explore the CoD/Battlefield 2242 side of things with the Marines and ODSTs, not Spartans. But even your mil-tac sims need to have integrity. Day of Dog-feat absolutely has design integrity as it relates to geometry, art, gameplay. Without it, I wouldn't remember it. Why thumb your nose at integrity?
  10. My man, you couldn't handle the map design that fits that narrative mood. I don't think you really want that haha I honestly love the military roots of Halo. I love designing environments that contain geometry which is extremely challenging and tough to operate in. Neat little arena maps with "integrity" are awesome, don't get me wrong, but come infinite I'm really going to explore the mil-tac side of Halo like never before.
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  12. I’m pretty sure mine is linked to my profile page and in my signature, but here: I haven’t updated it in months due to the Covid situation wrecking my application plans. Among other things...
  13. Yeah I really only have enough space to record guitar atm. I might be interested in better tools down the line. Also, if you are ever looking to spend 2000 on a Stratocaster type guitar get an AZ or Cutlass both are right around 2000 brand new with feature that you don't even see on some $3000 Fenders. You can't get a 3 single coil AZ though but they come with coil splitters so no need really
  14. I use a cheap one lol, it’s more than capable for my purposes. The larger input stacks are just as good, if not better.
  15. Gonna hit up some Titanfall 2 with a buddy over on

    Come stop by :)

  16. I might just use garage band because I can you bias fx with it. You got one of the nice scarletts or the cheap one?
  17. Can everyone post their portfolio websites so that I can get an idea of what to do with mine? For some reason I've been having trouble with finding most of y'all's. The only one I have found is Jake's.
  18. Very cool - I think Zombievillain made a post about his personal studio back on FH, but I can’t recall if it was him or not. Might want to ask him what he did 😉 In the interim, most music types invest in Logic Pro. Or ProTools if you’re on PC. Again though, I just use GarageBand, since it’s ultimately about what kind of music you’re making and how well you know your tools. I record exclusively with a Supro Hampton on 2-year-old Ernie Ball standards into a Mac Pro thru a Scarlett interface and Fender cable. Total cost was about $1700 retail, and with it I can approximate tones from Pink Floyd, to Angus/Malcom, to Eddie Van Halen or Steve Vai, to Buddy Guy or Billy Gibbons. Very capable instrument, but it’s not equipped with a tremolo bridge, so I can’t do everything I want to. I recommend the guitar, but I don’t think you need another one lol. It sounds best thru a 🧈100+ watt Marshall stack anyway.
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