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  2. You gotta appreciate the grime in that image. It can be done much better now but it was a great look for it's time. Those are the type of scenes from old games that I'm curious to see if ray tracing would have any impact on.
  3. 100% If I don't get it setup to order through the website here within the next week, I'll follow up with you privately and be sure that you can get it.
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  6. I'm telling you, the new Animal Crossing looks fantastic. 😂

  7. @thetedex @SimonPittam @MitjaRoskaric I'm ready to design levels wherever man! 💪😤

  8. @SimonPittam @MitjaRoskaric Never used this job app platform, but I got a confirmation saying it went through. I trust it finds you well!

  9. @JKashaar Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it...

    I fucking swear. Everyone needs to go to a "How to p…


  11. @haxol0tl @aurahack Post screenshot/proof?

  12. RT @SkookumArts: Wow! Less than a week away! 6 days until The Pedestrian comes out!
    #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #unity3d…

  13. @bigred3d 👀 You mad lad.

  14. @a Chunk What are the odds of getting one of these bad bois with a front pocket design having the logo on the frocket within the next 3 weeks
  15. @bigred3d How superstitious are you?

  16. RT @taylorgeeeee: how I act once I get comfortable around u


  18. The new Animal Crossing looks fantastic.


  20. @DirtyEffinHippy Did... you just let him smell your hair or did you say anything??? O.o

  21. @C0ldFr0nt 👀👀👀🤔🤔🤔

  22. oh i'm sorry, those assets you're using to make your forge maps were made by you? 😁 Nah they were ripped from the game but now I could easily make them. I've made more complex models than those in that screenshot lmao they don't look as complex but Infinite is pretty low poly in terms of the world assets
  23. NLD Shirts, coming very soon. Within the next week is my goal, but don't quote me on that. 😛 Little preview Will be available in 5 colors. And it is indeed embroidered, which means it will last for a very long time. This initial design has only the logo that's pictured. We definitely plan to roll out more designs over time, with the capability of printing or embroidering designs also across the entire front, on the back, or on the sleeve (for a long sleeved shirt). We will share more info about colors and pricing when the shirts become available.
  24. @SaltyKoalaBear @multilockon I got him to play odessy, it was 8 player ffa though... yikes
  25. You think jb makes his own assets??? Haaaaa JB stands for just borrowing assets
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