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Quake Sewer Map Jam


Andrew Yoder (Twitter, Website) is hosting a Quake Map Jam that focuses on Sewers. 

"Your map should draw on the ideas of sewer levels, but there is flexibility. You can make a canal, a cistern, or water treatment plant."


As Andrew points out in his Announcement Article, sewer levels can be REALLY difficult to design well. 

"At their worst, a sewer level drags with no end in sight and stretches a game thin."


On the other hand, a sewer level where everything comes together can be really rewarding.

"A good sewer level is raw design. This isn’t the place for the one-off scripted sequence or the expensive art setpiece. Instead, a good sewer level is subtle in its mastery of the craft: geometry, lighting, and textures working in unison."




This event begins on July 28th, and concludes at 1:00PM Est on August 31st, so you'll have plenty of time to build, test, and polish.  It's also a perfect opportunity to build your first Quake level.  Check out our Trenchbroom Tutorials thread (which features articles from Andrew) to learn the basics, and some more advanced stuff too.





Are you ready to take on the challenge?  Read the full Announcement Thread (which includes far more detail than this article) here - https://andrewyoderdesign.blog/2019/07/21/announcement-quake-sewer-map-jam/


We'd also love to see what you're working on.  Feel free to share your progress in the 'What Are You Working On?' thread, right here in this thread, or to post your own thread in the Projects Forum.  


Happy Mapping!



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