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Forgehub 2v2 Contest

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Forgehub has just announced a 2v2 Map Contest.  Here are a few of the details:




Q. When is the deadline for this contest?

A. We will have a longer deadline than usual to allow for more polished content. The Deadline for the contest will be 11:59pm PST on January 1st 2020. All maps must be officially posted on ForgeHub and Submitted to the correct thread before the end of that day. We will not be allowing any editing to maps after that point. Maps will be submitted as is. Changes made post-deadline will result in disqualification; no exceptions.

Q. What gameplay settings will be used for judging?

A. We will be using Slayer HCS with some slight modifications. Those changes will be:

  • 15 minute rounds
  • 25 kill limit.




The 4 main attributes judges will be looking at for this contest are:

  • Layout
  • Gameplay
  • Aesthetics
  • Polish


Here's a breakdown of the prizing that's up for grabs:


ForgeHub Prizing
• 1st Place: $500 + ForgeHub T-shirt
• 2nd Place: $350 + ForgeHub T-shirt
• 3rd Place: $150 + ForgeHub T-shirt



Next Level Design will be following this contest closely.  We're eager to see what Halo's Forge community can bring to the table.  Participants are free to post their progress in this thread, in What Are You Working On?, or in the Projects Forum.


And now it's time to dust off your controllers or keyboards and get to work!


Read the full announcement on Forgehub here - https://www.forgehub.com/threads/announcement-2v2-contest-boogaloo.158965/


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