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September Challenge: The Duel - Submission Thread

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Welcome to the Submission Thread for the September Challenge! As stated in the announcement thread, each submission must include at least 1 image of the level. You should also include the name you'd like attached to your level (real name or alias).


A couple of details that could be included in the level post as a way to better convey the design process are:

  • The sandbox of which the level is designed for (generic CoD fps, Halo-style squad/arena hybrid shooter, doom/quake arena shooter, advanced mobility, fortnite, RTS. Number of players, etc.)
  • Multiple Pictures, and/or video footage of the level
  • An overview of the layout
  • A flow diagram of the map
  • An explanation of the source of inspiration for the level
  • Anything that helps convey the thought process behind the level


Here's an example post in the Spoiler:



This map, Yama, is very loosely based on the Japanese subculture of Bōsōzoku, gangs riding heavily modified bikes in droves of up to 50 to 100 members at a time. A bit on the epic side to be considered a duel, but said counterculture has been on the decline, approaching it's end as you're reading this. Despite this, they remain a serious threat, so when the last remaining member of a gang decides to take a final stand in a quite mining town in the mountains. With roads closed off to contain the threat, one officer is sent in to sort things out.


With that backstory out of the way, let's get onto the design process behind including a vehicle into a Halo 5 1v1 environment. There was a few questions to be had: What vehicles work with the bike gang setting? What vehicles could be effectively encountered by one player with a good shot? What vehicles required skill to dispatch individual foes? Are there power weapons that increase effectiveness against said vehicles without rendering the vehicle completely helpless? These questions led to choosing the gungoose as the on-map vehicle and a sniper (one-shot through weapon glitch) as the power weapon.


I had already imagined the flow of the map in my head: weaving streets that coiled around buildings, waving it's way up the mountainside. Here's an overhead pic with some simple notation:




One of the problems that came up while driving about the level was the cone of fire on the gungoose. The max angle of fire of the gungoose is quite limiting, and initially severely limited the verticality throughout. The only way to counteract this is to have inclines. Unfortunately the angle is hard capped due to the camera being forced under some sort of angle. This is the main reason for the driving lanes having a max 18° incline and the central power position's lower vertical position. This also plays into the on-foot exclusive pathing. It needed to enable players to catch uncounterable angles against the gungoose, and vehicle pathing needed to enable predictive movement to catch the on-foot player in the open. What mostly comes of this is that the useful weapons are in open areas that take time to get away from, and the majority of space is vehicle accessible. At least 80% of the level is streets as shared space rather than having dedicated spaces for either option, thus forcing more interaction.


Unfortunately I haven't had an opportunity to test this level due to the abysmal population of Halo 5: Forge on PC, but hopefully I can get around to testing on console considering how cheap Xbox Ones are nowadays.


And with that, post away!

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Hey! Thought I'd give it a crack this weekend, wish I could spend more time on it but I'm pretty swamped at the moment! Anywho....


I set this map in a city in the far future, where nature has claimed back the city buildings that once stood tall after humans left the planet due to depleted resources. Beautiful huge plants scale up the buildings, and grass pokes through old concrete and stone (although... you won't see any of that... it's a whitebox... IMAGINE! :D).


The map was made for Call of Duty style gameplay, particularly leaning towards long ranged/sniping thanks to some long sightlines. The middle area is broken up by a tall skyscraper that provides cover on the ground level, and a point of reference and position in the sky. Players can also use plenty of cover to get close and personal. One of the things I made sure to keep in mind with this map was that there should be no spots that can only be got to via one chokepoint - even higher areas will have multiple ways of getting to them.


topdown 1 2 3 annotations timings


Here are some screenshots and topdown maps. I've annotated some key areas/callouts, and also shown a few of the timings to first possible engagement.


I wish I could take this further, make it a little less boxy, and do a bit more detailing with Maya but alas, maybe next time 🙂

Made with Unreal / Maya / Photoshop




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This level is built around a parkour race duel. Indeed, in this level you have to go on top of the mountain as fast as possible.

It is build around four parts; the first part is inside an abandoned house at the bottom of the mountain (blue part), then an ascension on the flank of the mountain (purple part), on an ancient destroyed pathway, the players then arrives inside a cave (brown part) where it was an acient temple, and at the end, the player does a final rush to the top, using all mechanics of the level. It is here he sees the other player for the first time (the green part).





The player has several mechanics to his disposal ; he can jump from blocks on the floor, which gives him more strength, and he can cover more distance, he can slide below blocks, he can swing around thin blocks which are high enough, he can slide on certain parts of the walls then jump off it, he can run on very tight blocks, and he can climb on certain blocks. Every blocks he can interact with are the red parts.


Don't mind the terrain I tried to make a mountain, but I'm not used to this tool.


I had more pictures with more details but I didn't find out how to make a gallery, so I only post those three.








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Click on 'INSERT OTHER MEDIA' in the bottom right corner.  Select 'Insert gallery'.



This will open up a popup.  Select 'Insert images to Gallery'.



Paste the URL of the image into the text box on the left, and a name for the image into the box on the right. Clicking on 'ADD ANOTHER' will generate another line so you can insert more images.  When you have all of your images added, click on the 'INSERT INTO POST' button.

The 'Get images from Albums' button can also be used.  You'll first need to create an album using the Gallery, which is accessible through the Navigational Bar which is always visible at the top of the page.



Once inserted, you'll see this:



You'll then need to Submit your reply obviously.

Be aware that sometimes the Gallery may not be visible immediately when you submit it.  You may need to refresh the page after submitting.  Sometimes it seems to even take a few minutes for it to register, but don't go back and edit or delete it if it's not showing correctly right away.


Hope that helps you, and anyone else who may want to use the Gallery option within a post.  😉

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