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Quake Halloween Jam 2019

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Quake Halloween Jam 2019


Andrew Yoder is once again hosting a Quake Map Jam.  This time around it's a Halloween theme.



Autumn is nearly upon us, and with it, Halloween! What better way to celebrate the best season of the year than with a Quake mapping jam?


Make a scary, spooky, or eerie map for Halloween! Go for pure horror if you like, or play off the more whimsical side of Halloween with trick-or-treating. Whichever way you go, see how far you can take lighting, sound, and map dynamics to create a mood.






Starting: Tonight! September 6th, 2019.

Registration: due by September 30th. We need to know how many maps will be involved for the start map. If you have to drop out, please let me and NewHouse know!

Deadline: October 26th, 11 PM Eastern Time (UTC – 4). We’re hoping to have the map pack ready for you in time for Halloween.



Read the full announcement with detailed info on assets for the Map Jam, Submission Guidelines, and various other details: https://andrewyoderdesign.blog/2019/09/06/announcement-quake-halloween-jam-2019/

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