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Let's talk about feedback.


When is feedback appropriate?  When is it not?

What type/s of feedback is most useful?  Which type/s are not useful?

Do you have any particularly effective methods of relaying feedback?  Do you have specific ways of drawing feedback out of others?


I'm pretty much interested in talking about any aspects of feedback at all.

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So since I started this off, I'll start this off.  😉


One of the things I struggle with is in offering feedback.  I feel like I'm pretty good at taking it, but not very good at giving it.  One of my first issues is in that I don't feel comfortable offering suggestions without knowing a lot of the details behind the map - player count, gametypes, weapon set/locations/spawn times/ammo counts, the designers thought processes on everything from power positions to flow, to personal gameplay preferences, and on and on.  What this means is that I pretty much never feel comfortable offering feedback unless it's generic, and/or directed at people that clearly don't have a basic understanding of level design.  I struggle with trust.  I don't trust others to take feedback in an unbiased way - I fear that they will either listen to everything I say without giving any thought to what the impact will be, or that they'll listen to nothing I say.


I have other issues with giving feedback also, which kind of tie into what I've already mentioned.  I'm hesitant to state anything bluntly, for fear that it will be disregarded simply because of how it's communicated.  I'm hesitant to sugar coat my feedback, for fear that I won't accurately convey how important something is.  


In getting feedback from others, I'm hesitant to try to draw out further explanations, or more detailed descriptions.  I've sometimes felt that it makes people uncomfortable, so I tend to avoid it.  


So basically, I'm a feedback scaredy cat.  I'd be interested to hear how others approach feedback - what you feel you're good at, what you struggle with.  I'm interested to hear specific approaches you employ, or that you've seen others employ, that have worked exceptionally well.

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