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October Challenge: The Thrills of Horror - Submission Thread


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Welcome to the October Challenge Submission Thread! As stated in the announcement thread, each submission must include at least 1 image of the design. You should consider including a name that you would like attached to your level (real name or alias).


A couple of details that could be included in the level post as a way to better convey the design process are:

  • The sandbox of which the level is designed for (No weapons, limited weapons/precision necessary, specialized tools, small arsenal, etc.)
  • Multiple pictures and/or video footage of the level
  • An overview of the layout
  • A flow diagram of the map
  • An explanation of the source of inspiration for the level
  • Anything that helps convey the thought process behind the level


Here's an example post in the Spoiler:



In a D&D game that I had been DMing, there were almost exclusively fighters, a bard, and a rogue. Not that creative, but this gave them almost no ability to deal with magic (mind you they were only level 3 at this point), and they always wanted to pick fights. This gave me an idea for a location; a tavern that appeared to have only large barbarians and a few wanderers that were clearly unaware of the tavern's reputation. This tavern was in a holy town, so this should have set off some red flags already. Basically these barbarians were bait for the fighters so that they would all stand in one general area, then *whoosh* the floor opens, dropping them into a deep pit. If the rogue had suspected fowl play due to the tavern's location, they could've noticed this and completely ignored that section of floor.


Once dropped into the pit, they'd need to roll at least a 21 (with modifiers) on an Acrobatics check to not fall to the bottom, becoming unconscious. If anyone rolled high enough, they'd be clinging to the sides of the contraption, and the tavern owner would take notice, beginning to fire eldritch blasts at them until they lost grip. This whole opening section was most likely to be thwarted by the rogue, but I think that they were being to dark and brooding to notice what was actually going on.

Once they were down their, their belongings were stripped away from them, leaving them with no special items. When they woke back up, they were in a cramped room, supposedly underground. This is where the fun begins! As they came to terms with what just happened, the door to this room slowly opens with no one on the other side, only a dark hall with a few branching paths. Much of the ground is coated with blood and maybe some guts? Maybe just normal flesh? For a majority of these paths, along with the main dark hall itself, they were littered with traps, some obvious, some not. Gotta give them a false sense of security.


A few of the rooms have tools that aid the players; early on in one of the paths there's a wrench attached to an enchanted torture device, requiring one of the player characters to endure a major wound upon their hands (the obvious choice was to make sure that the rogue would be safe to continuously check everything, and keep the bard okay to make sure that they can inspire at important moments).


Similar events like this occurred elsewhere; one device caused a player to be inable to walk, making traps that chase the characters extra intense. Another requires a character to use wrench to tighten a steam leak from a system so that a few doors open, but also incapacitating said character due to the amount of steam released onto them. The whole floor plan was designed to imitate the police station in Resident Evil 2 to a certain extent so that exploration would be important to the party's survival.




A quick run down:

- get short bow and 5 arrows, both hands injured

--- shoot arrow at target down jagged hallway to turn off steam blocking off said hallway

- grab wrench, leg injured, hard to ignore floor traps

--- turn release valve to open all steam doors, getting severe burns in the process

----- beast released from cage

- assemble lever from parts found in beast room and main hall

--- place lever in wall near red door, thinking that the door opens with lever

----- boulder releases from other end of hallway, quickly approaching red door

------- boulder crashes through door, forcing characters to crawl under

- shoot target near door at end of hallway to close spike pit

---------> escape


And with that, post away!

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You are a victim of a mass killing and you need to survive until the police arrive


The pillars of development are:

- Fear of humans

- Powerless


What I want to do?

I want player have a scary experience of something which can happens in real life.


The level 

This level is the first of the game, it's goal is to introduced mchanics and story.



The player is woman victim of a mass killing, she has no special skills.



The player can walk, crouch and run



The camera is in first person



The first objective is to flee the Opera

The second is to flee the church



Some terrorists are discussing and the player must be quiet to not be spotted. The other job of terrorists is to inform player about the story and goals of the terrorists.


Scripted events

- The first event is the crowd. People are fleeing the massacre, they jostle and crush all people in front of them. They are followed by terrorists who kill survivors. They are annonced by screams and walk sounds.


- The player has to go into a ventilation duct and a grid falls when the player walks on. The objective is to increase the sentation of powerless, the player controls nothing

- The third scripted event is the chain sacrifice of women. 


-The fourth and last scripted event is the multiple rapes of women to purify them. 

The goal of the two last scripted events is to make the world believable and put under pressure the player who is seeing the fate of women like him.




Storyline of the Opera

- The player arrives into the opera
- He goes to the show room and the show starts
- The singer is shot and the massacre start

- The player flees the show room and see a crowd who kills other people. It's also the introduction of the crouch mechanic

- He can try to retake the same paths he used to leave but terrorists block it.
- Then he goes in a corridor and the first crowd appears. 

- He goes into a small room where terrorists explain why they attack the opera, this is also the second time where the player use the crouch mechanic to be quiet.

- Then he goes into a ventilation duct and the grid falls. the second crowd arrives. 
- He flee to a corridor and behind the door there is the church.



Storyline of the Church


- The player enters into the church and heard cries of pain.
- He discovers the sacrifice of women and go to the naive, this is the last discrete part, but here enemies have a move pattern.
- Then he arrives to a corridor and discover how the sect"purify" women (they rape them)
- A terrorist find him and starts a chase race
- Finally he is catch by another terrorist and bring to an empty room and the terrorists prepare them to rape the player. The Police arrive at this moment and kill terrorists.



The flowchart of my level


Thanks for your attention. Please give me your opinions about it, I'm student  in game design and I want to specialize myself in level design so I need constructive feedbacks to progress. ^^

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