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3 minutes ago, Water Malone said:

Embedded twitter posts appear broken on Firefox, they work fine on chrome for me but not on Firefox, as per screenshot


Whoa.  😮

 Will look into that, thanks. 

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On 11/3/2019 at 10:55 AM, a Chunk said:


Major :facepalm:
Turns out it's a setting that can be turned on/off when initially creating a Gallery, and I had comments disabled.  I've edited the settings, and it's now possible to comment on the Gallery I created.  Bear in mind though that you will ONLY be able to comment on Galleries where the creator has enabled them.  I have no plans to change that setting on a global level, as I believe it should be something the creator determines.

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2 hours ago, purely fat said:

Probably not a bug but I liked clicking the forum drop down and it taking me to the main forum page. On Desktop

I was the bug that did that.


Here's a basic explanation of how the Navigational Bar works.  There's a button that allows me to add items.  There are something like 20 different types of items that can be added.  The 2 I have for the Forums section of the Nav Bar are 'External Link' and 'Drop Down Menu'. 


You can see in the image below, the Forums section is setup using an External Link. I then set the link as the main forum page, and when you click on 'Forums' on the Nav Bar, it will bring you to the main forum page.  The make it function like a drop down menu, I can add other items, and drag the bar until it aligns within the 'Forums' section (as you can see I've done with Projects, Design Discussion, etc.).




The Drop Down Menu option is being used for both 'Members' and 'Media' in the image above.  When setup like this, clicking on those on the Nav Bar only opens up the drop down menu.  Somehow, a link is still being assigned to drop down menu's, because you can right click on it and 'open link in new tab', and it will open up a new tab.  For some reason that link is defaulted to the page that you're already on (so it essentially just reloads the page).  I've tried to figure out if there's a way to assign it a specific link, but that seems to be way beyond my ability to understand at this point.


So...the reason I changed all of the drop down menu's on the Nav Bar to a 'Drop Down Menu' style is that it functions much more cleanly as a drop down menu.  When morphing an 'External Link' into a makeshift drop down menu, the drop down menu on the Nav Bar functions very inconsistently.  Sometimes I need to hover over it 4 or 5 times before the other options actually stay accessible (as soon as I start moving my cursor down to select one of the other options, the drop down menu closes).  It's really freaking annoying.  I assume it's because they're really not designed to be setup like that.


Anyway, I feel your pain.  I use that link quite frequently to navigate back to the main forum page.  I've changed it back for now.

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