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Bloodlet Throne

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Bloodlet Throne

"Let the Bloodletting Begin"

~ Design & Art ~
Soldat Du Christ

~ Scripting ~

~ Pick-Ups ~
OS // 
120 seconds
DB // 60 seconds
Light rifle 
// 60 seconds // 0 clips // x2
// 30 seconds // x2

~ Respects ~

All Glory and praise to the most high God, in the name of the son; Jesus Christ. The grand architect of the universe, and from whom we all derive our artistic, and logistical inspiration from.

A huge thanks to @ExTerrestr1al for his perseverance through trial and error. All of which was my fault, lol. He got the scripts right the first time but i'm a dope and starting editing a different file. Thank you brother in Christ!

Lots of respect and appreciation to @MultiLockOn, for pioneering the "control the Key" concept. Creating a perfect example of a Key map for all of us to follow after. Here is a link to his map Arcanum

The same goes out to @MartianMallCop and @Captain Punch for pioneering the scripting for the game type. Without these talented scripters, this mode may never have been fully realized.



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