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Last Bastion

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Last Bastion
Monuments of Men

~ Design & Art ~
Soldat DuChrist

~ Scripting ~

~ Pick-Ups ~
Sniper (1 shot, 2 clips) // 180 seconds, 3 Minutes
Rockets (1 shot, 1 clip) // 120 seconds, 2 Minutes
Damage Boost 
// 60 seconds

~ Notes ~
Last Bastion is a love letter to a dying community who have quite literally have been the only reason to come back to H5 time and time again. I started making this map back in march, after having played through Dark Souls 1 & 3 I wanted to recreate that grandiose sense of scale and winding paths that make the level design so enticing. This is what created that over-scaled feeling you get when playing the map, while it does not negatively effect the pacing in any way, cross map sight lines you will come to find out have no aim assist. Last Bastion is also noticeably more vertical than my other maps, and puzzle like in the way you navigate the map which is also a result of DS influence, which i would say turned out quite beautifully.

The teleporter on the map takes the shape of a lightning strike on the receiving end, this coupled with player momentum create a nice cinematic effect and really make the map I would say. Initially you will find this to be visually noisy, but i promise given enough time you will become 
de-sensitized to the effect. The lightning strike will kill anyone standing on the receiving platform if someone else lands soon after the previous user, this is by design.

The spawns have been rough throughout development, I'll continue to balance and fix any exploits we find along the way but for now they seem to be working pretty well!

Both the weapon pads use custom variants of the Sniper & Rocket Launcher which limit 1 shot before your next reload creating a more balanced experience. Both teams spawn nearby
 each of the pads, this actually creates some very interesting starts as i'll explain. While they are relatively easy to grab uncontested off the initial spawns, it is NOT without consequence. Keeping in mind that time is a commodity, sending one body to the weapon pad off the start may prove unfruitful if the enemy team decides to double rush the home spawn right off the start, which can happen really quickly once you realize how close the initials are.

Experiment with different strategies, you will come to find Last Bastion to be one of the best core experiences custom games has to offer


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