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Since Epic looks like they have absolutely no interest in the franchise I would love it if someone motivated took over the Unreal IP and built us an Unreal Game worthy of the title and lore.  Doom proved that there's value in caring for the the original concepts, fleshing them out and bringing them into the 2020's.  If we could get a free UT addon post launch it'd be a dream.  I miss them Iconic sounds and the eerie if not strange and cheesy feel of the original Unreal.


Plus with Skaarj like this . . .







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I kept thinking it's taking a long time but it looks like it's going to be worth the wait.  Really sucks that fortnite gained as much popularity as it did. It was such a beast that it vampired the entire UT4 team.  It wasn't exactly the hugest team to begin with, I really wish that they could have coexisted. 


God do I miss bots being a standard feature in FPS games.  It's such a nice way to fill out a match without having to deal with online toxicity.


As far as the Unreal campaign is concerned I would just really enjoy seeing what that would look like in this day and age.  Unreal always had a very strong otherworldly feel to it.  Even though we still have varying degrees of that with numerous games I just can't get enough of those rough, raw and violent yet mystical, magical sci fi driven world's.



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