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El Bronco



Nature had its own plans for this once prospering little town...


It surely did look promising to become a cornerstone of the Wild West train network, however...

Soon after the well was being used and the foundation of the train track was laid the town got hit by numerous unforgiving seisms and landslides.






El Bronco is a 2v2 deathmatch level made with Halo 5's Forge; a collaboration between myself and @Box_Hoes

Box designed the level and had the idea with the broken Wild West town, however wasn't able to properly finish the map and was about to give up on it, so I redeveloped the theme and breathed life into it.


Here are some screenshots of the level back when I picked it up:











Side info: At that state, it already had reached the limit of the lighting budget. Just to give you an idea, what I accomplished and had to work with. It isn't always obvious by just looking at before-and-after screenshots.



Back to some more:










I'm not happy about having to make the architecture in such a simple style due to budget constraints. Nonetheless, I managed a realistic look from a certain distance.
Though, I'm generally very happy with how this map turned out, especially the atmosphere, negative space and terrain. It was quite the challenge to get it to where it is now. It might actually have been the most difficult terrain I had to create to this day, as there often weren't the right small pieces available for tight spots.


With all things considered, I once again hit the utmost limit of what's possible in this editor. I'm eager to see what Halo 6's editor has in store, I've been held back since a while now.








Thanks for checking this post out!


Download El Bronco via Forgehub

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