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April 2020 Challenge Submissions & Discussion: Design Docs

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Have more free time than normal?  Why not take this opportunity to work on an underappreciated and very valuable skill - Developing Design Documents


Here's your challenge:

Develop and share a design document.  This can for a multiplayer level, a single player level, a specific section of a single player level, an entire game - basically anything you're wanting to work on at the moment.


Read the official Challenge Announcement Article here:


There's no limit to the number of submissions you can make to this challenge, and you are free to share as little or as much information about each submission as you like.


If you'd like to participate but aren't registered on the site, it's a simple process. You can do so here: https://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/register/


Also feel free to share your work in the Next Level Design Discord, or tag us on Twitter - #nldchallenge

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