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The map is a primitive spiral ramp surrounded by three distinct towers, all of which are different interpretations of brutalist design and have portals connecting to each other and the aforementioned spiral, all while being surrounded in pools of static blood. Combat is swift and merciless, so long as someone is constantly using the portals to traverse and collapse. There is a Grenade Launcher, Speed Boost, and Beam Rifle. Meant for 2v2s. Here is the download: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=Oh SoulFlame#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_Oh SoulFlame_57decba4-0e68-4c6d-95d8-5cf8e300962b


Here are some screenshots.

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4c8a882f 122e 4b46 baef 563135cff1ed



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