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We would love to get your suggestions on a potential 'Members Picks' process.


A quick example of what this might look like is that each month the members would select their favorite content that was shared on the site.


There are about a million different ways to go about this, and while I have my own ideas, I'd really like this to be driven by you all.


Suggestions of any and every kind are welcomed here.  Some of the things that would need to be determined if we are to do this are:

  • How often do we do Members Picks?
  • What does that process look like?
  • What kind/s of content are eligible? 
  • How should the 'winners' be recognized?
  • What is a good name ('Members Picks' is just one possibility)? 
  • And any other aspects you may care to discuss.


Share as little or as much detail as you'd like to. It is all helpful and appreciated.  🙂 

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Let's start off with probably the least important thing - the name.

Only thing I want to avoid here is copying the name from another site.  Names that are off limits would be 'Community Favorites' and 'NLD Favorites'. Pretty much anything else if fair game.


Here are a few examples to get us started:

  • Community Picks/Choice/Select
  • Members Picks/Choice/Select
  • Picks of the Month

You all are going to more creative I'm sure, so share your thoughts.

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Would really love some feedback on this, since a members favorites program should be designed by the members.  But it's apparent that nobody has strong preferences about this, so I'm just going to lay out the things I'm considering for this at the moment.  These are just initial thoughts...



Covered in the post above



3 stages:

  • Nominations
  • Voting
  • Winners Announcement



Finished Projects only? All Projects (anything with a thread created Projects section - In Progress Projects & Released Projects)? Anything (any projects posted anywhere on the site - eg. WAYWO post)?


Submission/Nomination Stage:

All done my members.  Require a minimum number of nominations (total number, NOT per level) to move on to the voting stage in a given month?

Timing: 1st-7th or 1st Friday of the month


Voting Stage:

Allow voting for 1 level only? 3? 5?  Require a minimum number of voters to validate winners (if that number is not met, the winners will not be recognized as Members Picks.

Timing: 8th-14th or 2nd Friday of the month


Announcement Stage (Winners):

How to recognize? Article? Points? Badges/Medals? Thread listing all winners (ever)? Video? Social Media promotion? Featured via 'Our Picks' block/sidebar in Projects section, Home Page, or Forums Home? Others?

Timing: 15th or 3rd Friday of the month



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