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12 minutes ago, Westin said:

csgo players are going to hate this lol

agreed, my inner CS is hating this ramp on the left




but it's probably cause it's just a blockout and I can't make sense of it. Stairs? 


I could see some Mw3 resistance type stairs leading up



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23 hours ago, Westin said:

csgo players are going to hate this lol

Yeah, its a tragedy, if they had the patience to put up with the learning curve i know it would become a hit... but as i've learned they want everything to be intuitive and don't have patience for maps like this



@JB_ yeah someone else at mapcore said the same thing, ill try to make it look more believable 


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pure power baby!!!




and to keep it "what are you working on" related


I got bored and tried making some modular pieces with symmetry modifier. just seeing what random modular shapes it can give me. It's pretty fun








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Well...fixed a few of the issues.  There are some really odd changes that I can't figure out how to 'fix' yet though.


There's a white bar going across the screen if I 'sticky' the menu bar to the top (which is how I had it setup previously. I've turned that off as a result.

The menu bar in the header is twice as tall as it should be

The users avatar (top right corner of the header) is oddly positioned down and to the right of where it should be

Tags look different (with the X cutting a circle into the orange background)

The borders around the Reactions have changed

The editor that I'm using to compose this post has a different appearance

Borders around forum categories are displaying differently

Fonts and Font Sizes have changed in some locations


I cannot find any way to modify these at the moment.  Most likely I'll need to download a new version of the theme, as some of the options within the theme seem to be broken (I change them on the back end, but nothing happens on the front end).  Luckily, it's nothing catastrophic - just annoying.  Will try to get some of these things resolved over the coming days.

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54 minutes ago, Kantalope said:

Oh, and the rep is turquoise or something instead of orange. And the highly rated posts have the same color outline. Just some stuff I noticed


Yeah, I had saved some documents with every color setting on the site (because there are so many, there's no way I would ever remember them all). I went through them all last night and made sure they were correct.  Some had changed, so I changed them back. There are also several new things that have color options. I played around with those and they didn't seem to change anything that's visible on the site.  As far as I can tell, all settings are exactly the same as they were before the update.


I've just looked through again, and there's literally nothing with a color setting that matches the color showing on the Reputation counter.  There were some border coloring options which I tried changing, and they didn't do anything to the border around the editor or the highly rated posts.  So there's just some weird stuff going on.


There have been many updates since the site has gone live, and none of them ever changed anything that wasn't easily fixable, so I wasn't at all worried about running the update.  I'll be more cautious in the future...


The theme we're using doesn't have an update to make it compatible with the new software update (again, this has never been problematic before).  Hopefully there will be an update available to make it compatible sometime soon, and that may resolve all of these issues.


Also, I'm probably going to test out a new theme.  I found one that looks quite nice, and should allow us to keep the sites color scheme, though definitely with a slightly different appearance.  I'd test it in a non-public setting first, of course.  Can't say for sure that I'd change over to it, but at least it would provide some type of backup option.

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11 minutes ago, Soldat Du Christ said:

@a Chunkthat really sucks man, hope its not too difficult to fix

I believe I've fixed everything that I can at this point.  As far as I can tell, the upgrade added some additional options to the forum software. The Theme we're using hasn't been updated to be compatible with the upgrade yet, so I have no way of changing the settings for these new options.  Adding to the problem, some settings seem to be changing randomly (like the background color on the outside edges of the site, which randomly changed to a pure white for a while, and now appears to be a black color.  I checked the setting for that and noticed that it had changed (though I never touch it), and I changed it back. BUT...any changes I make on the backend are taking like 30+ minutes to go into effect on the front end, which is super frustrating. On the bright side, functionally everything is unaffected.


I've started work on a new theme that we could potentially switch over to if needed, or could serve as a backup if things go bad at some point in the future. It's extremely time consuming though, because I'm encountering the same issue with changes not going into effect for 30+ minutes.  There are well over 100 different areas of the site that have color settings, and it's generally not clear from the description what it will actually affect. 


To put it into perspective, here's a look at the different tabs that have settings which can be modified:



And here's a small section of the tab that's highlighted in that image above:



The ones that say 'Revert' next to them are categories that I've modified.  I'm going slowly, trying to go through and figure out exactly what each one of those affects.  Very often I simply end up not finding anything at all that's changed.


Since I'm sure some of you are interested, here are a couple of pics of what the new theme looks like at the moment (disregard the Slider Image at the top... I've not updated it to match the one on this theme):





Still plenty of work to do on it, as there are quite a few things not shown in these images that need to be fixed, and may not be quick fixes.

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