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27 minutes ago, S0UL FLAME said:

My reimagining of Twice Forsaken is almost done. I'll be making a post tonight of screenshots and a download link.


Stay tuned.

Any significant changes?  

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1 hour ago, Box_Hoes said:

2 new maps incoming 


Maelstrom: An idea I have been thinking about for a while which uses perspective angles (lots of V shapes) and fulcrum pivot points. My most solid example of 1/3/5 pathing as xandrith put it. 


Palatial Edge: Another take on time bombing method I talked about a few days ago. It’s a dual atrium map where fights should always start in one atrium and keep rotating and cycling between the two atriums various times because of how the overlapped pathways weave through each other. It focuses on the higher you climb the number of paths to escape diminish and the length of the paths becomes longer. Probably the most complex layout I have without the use of teleporters. 



Screenshots sometime this weekend 



screenshots now 

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For me the most freeing thing was learning 3d modeling. Most people in this discord server I'm in are running around requesting models of everything. And when I was doing my bioshock level I couldn't do much without the asset. Now that's no longer an issue.





But I can look at any picture for the most part, like this below, and be able to create it myself. The only issue after that is textures. Which are still easy to do but time consuming.



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15 hours ago, Westin said:

Keep forge


  Reveal hidden contents









i like how that crumbled wall is a cleverly disguised ramp leading up to a new position, the boards laying on the snow leading up to it... very good, almost didn't notice that detail because it so naturally blends into the map art, perfect example of what i said a few pages ago about combining logic and narrative in a cohesive pass


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3 hours ago, a Chunk said:

Yeah, saw that. 11th…. 🤣 

Some of the voters must not even be familiar with him. If this is based upon the average ranking of the voters, that means some probably had him in the 20’s or lower. 🤦‍♂️



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20 minutes ago, Kantalope said:


Chief just banished someone to the Library. What sins must she have committed to be dealt such an ill fate?

The fact that they used a Halo 3 explosion sound over anything modern speaks more to the current state of Halo than any number of words could

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Instead of adding an item to inventory, ‘wall pick-ups’ activate an effect eg health pack activates restore health, sconce activates ignite torch, rune activates recite incantation, etc.  


What other practical purposes could wall pick-ups serve?  At what point does a wall pick-up become a button/switch?  

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I remember when I wanted to have a map where there were runes placed about the map that would, upon taking damage, cause different things to happen such as a door temporarily opening or spawn a pyre. Never got around to finishing it, but I might do something with that in Halo: Infinite.

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Who here is more impressed with the vastness of things that are small versus things that are large? 

 If real infinites are an actuality, and I'd argue they must be unless absolute nothing exists, then size is merely an illusion/perspective. There is just as much vastness in the small as there is in the  large and it fascinates me beyond belief.  Large things are comprised of smaller things, but what are small things comprised of? Even smaller things? Where does it end? 




One of the reasons why I enjoy building maps with high surface area/density is because there is an immense amount of nuanced technical depth within them that otherwise cannot be matched by maps with less interactive surface area/ density.   So much so that it is easily overlooked and discarded by the average designer and player, much like an ant and it's colony is trampled on an ignored by the human foot when in reality there is an INSANE amount of depth to these "small", seemingly insignificant creatures.  



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