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I've been a little out of commission the last few days. Both of you have contributed to further clouding the matters you each brought up. This exchange is a lost cause, and I'm hiding it or moving it to the Off-Topic channel at my discretion.


@Soldat Du Christ I want a detailed explanation as to how the Georgia Guidestones and the Pike-Mazzini 'letter' have anything to do with what anyone here is working on in terms of level design or game design. Send it privately. If there's no explanation, you're getting a demerit of some kind for posting off topic.

@Kantalope I'm going to ask you to tone down your responses and conduct yourself more in line with your position as site staff. Next time, just flag the post and have Chunk or I take a look at it privately.


Thank you.



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2 minutes ago, Bert said:

Well, as of the end of today, I'm officially free from the shackles of the modern education system. Don't feel  particularly different but my parents are going mental.


grade 13 guy, eh? grab a bag of milk and enjoy your freedom while it lasts - the products of that system lurk around every corner...!

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19 hours ago, Westin said:

as long as I keep improving this rapidly there's probably no point in releasing anything, but I love this song and will eventually release a video with it


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Nice but for us old timers some of those scene swaps are creeping into Borne movie fight scene territory.  It's ok to linger for a moment and let the scenes intensity be the focus.   Even back in the day when it didn't take that extra second for my eyes to adjust I always preferred time dilation shots or really anything that came close to giving me that feeling of a rollercoaster cresting just before the drop.  That and living in the beauty of a moment.  Kind of like how Jackie Chan choreographed fight scenes.  I find scene jumping to be the lower form of creating intensity.  It's right up there with camera shake.  Not that I'm against either of these things when used in moderation.  I understand this is all trickier when putting together a montage but that doesn't mean you can't get creative with it.  If the quality is high enough you can try to manipulate the perspectives and speeds which can really change how people view a moment.  It also allows you to focus more on the best moments instead of trying to stitch together 1000 different moments of varying interest.


 Then again I'm moving out of the core demographic for these clips so feel free to ignore me and my weak ass eyeballs 😞


Overall I liked how it looked.  

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@Preacher001 I think if you played Apex and knew these areas you may feel a little differently. Imagine cutting from sniper into gold on guardian with a camera zoom. If you know Halo 3, you're seeing yourself (as the viewer) fly across the map and you understand the continuation. If you don't know the game, you probably won't get that sense at all, and I'm okay with that. I'm also okay with a faster paced edit that requires a few watches to absorb. Some of my favorite videos are like that. It's all about matching the vibe of the song.


But, this is the second time I've seen someone suggest more slowmo after kills, so I'll say a little more. So, you don't really find that in higher quality videos but once or twice, and I think it's because they're saving that for a crescendo. What I've found is that when you start adding it to every kill, the effect loses some potency and becomes filler. Like modern Valorant edits which just unrelentingly match the song and slow down with every beat (probably because the gameplay is comprised of standing still and aiming at a wall)...  but I will say, I've already taken more time to set up locations and tell more of a story with the edits than I had before, and I'll likely keep going with that. Halo is really the king of montages because It's SUPER easy to create context when you have theater. Wish gamers weren't so easy to please. Give them one mode and an item shop, and they'll give you billions, so why even bother making a theatre?

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forerunner master 




also someone on halo mods discord told me how to add an alpha channel to a fkn diffuse texture... so i can finally use quixel megascan textures for plants now. cause h3 ones kinda suck




it's jsut a flat plane pretty much








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