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7 hours ago, icyhotspartin said:

How did they do vertical overlap? Isn’t that impossible in the Doom engine?


In the original, yes. The source port this map was made in, GZDoom, brings innumerable additions and improvements to the core aspects of Doom, including true 3D.

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Finally got around to playing Doom Eternal, just made it through Nekravol. The only thing that I dislike about the game so far is how specific of a strategy that the devs stranglehold you into using against the  Marauder. You can fire explosives at the ground next to his shield to defeat him if you have plenty of time to waste, but the strategy of countering his attacks is by far easier. I just think that it's awkward having a counter-attack centric opponent where the attack window is indicated by a minor color change when the chainsaw, something essential to your survival, spews our a technicolor rainbow of ammo. Maybe it's the same logic as the Lost Souls, but having literally every direct shot blocked even though the enemy didn't have their shield up until the damn instant I fire with a hitscan weapon screamed bullshit to me. The only reason that I found out about how to counter them is from the damn tutorials on the loading screen. They reeeeeeeaaally leaned too far in on using tutorials.

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