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Senshi no Kyujo

Cheese Nibbla

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Hello everybody, got another core style map (however I'm really pushing the envelope on that definition) and I have an original layout that is best played ONLY slayer, and is good for 2v2 or FFA up to 8 players. It should also be stated that once again the layout is asymmetrical but all placed items are symmetrical. It will always take players the same amount of time to get to each item from that player's spawn.


What is to note is that this map's architecture and visual style is derived from Quake 1, or so at least I tried to replicate that. The map is still playable, however I have only used 900 entities, so the map will still be subject to change as needed without any budget problems. Changes won't be posted until there is a few large changes or a large amount of fixes and tweaks.


Being a quake styled map, I wanted to replicate the really W E I R D level design and height, but still have my own layout and have it function well with H5's movement system. Obviously Halo doesn't feature movement mechanics like bunny hopping, strafe jumping, wall running, rocket jumping, stair skating / stair boosting and other techniques, so just straight up remaking a map would most likely not transition over well to halo.


What's the map missing?


Intro cameras

Named locations 

Some detail

(Potentially) objectives

Maybe a few more weapons


This map's current available arsenal is:


1x Halo CE Magnum,  2 Magazines

4x H2 BR, 2 Magazines each

2x Plasma Pistol, 40% Battery

4x Brute Plasma Rifles, 100% Battery

4x Magnums, 2 Mags each

2x Needlers, 2 Mags each

1x Over Shield 

1x Speed Boost 

16x Frags

8x Plasma Grenades


In terms of the potentially questionable weapon choices, most of these power weapons are spread apart a decent distance, have long respawn times and are only stong in niche areas of the map, since a lot of this map has many sightline breaks and midrange engagements. Precision weaponry will still be the main gameplay loop for this map.




In view is the most standard section of the map currently and will probably be updated soonest is the monument overlook. While this map is intended for FFA, this does function as Red spawn in 2v2.  Don't really have to much to say for this section as everything about this area currently is in view.




Here is the most enclosed section of the middle currently, that being the CE Magnum spawn. Some would say a railgun better fits quake's theme, I say shut up. I've used it on to many maps and I have to change it up at sometime. directly behind is the monument previously spoken about; across this perch is blue's doorway, windows and a door towards the speed boost on the right hand side. a window onto the roof of that building is also on the right side. To the left a doorway on the perch in view and another doorway directly behind the view of the camera that leads into one of the connector halls to over shield. 




Here is the over shield room and yeah its complicated I know, so complicated that I couldn't find a single area to screenshot the majority of the area at once.  In short, both Red and Blue have 4-5 entrance points and I promise it isn't actually that complicated to remember in game I swear. All entrances are clear to players from either side of the entrance, for as little confusion as possible. 




This section doesn't have to much going for it, but it does have some verticality, and get this, a one way teleporter. Yeah we getting CE up in this bitch. It is also a flank for red during teamplay.  




Here is the speed boost spawn. Its got a few entrances, a one-way hatch on the roof, several access points onto said roof with a few being less conventional. Not the weakest area in the map currently, but definitely could be spruced up in later versions. Other than that it functions perfectly fine as a play space.




This is currently Blue spawn's layout. In terms of unpacking what's on offer, I don't wanna. Look at the picture yourself dummy. 




And here is the final noteworthy area. This platform bends around 180 degrees into the over shield area, has a gravity lift into blue, a pseudo-sniper tower, a ramp on the right into a T connector on the lower part of the tower and the teleporter exit.  


So yeah, that's the map currently. I have more maps in progress but I do plan on revisiting this map and seeing if I want to rework anything or decorate the level better. I don't think its perfect by any means but I think its a good start for this version. Like I said I will update this page with any noteworthy changes.  As always if you want to playtest, host customs, give criticism or more I'm always down for discussion and game nights so just shoot a text. My GT is Jam on Bagel and have a good one.

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