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Use this thread to share good info on putting together an effective portfolio.  Also, feel free to ask questions or discuss anything shared in here.  As resources get added, I'll update the first post with links.


Starting us off, here's a extensive discussion from GDC 2016:


Another GDC panel from GDC 2018:


Link to some Portfolio's you can use as a reference: http://level-design.org/?page_id=56

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16 hours ago, Zaorisz said:

Here's a tweet from Jeff Gagne. great guideline in my opinion https://twitter.com/JFGnorD/status/1098156206789677058


I definitely posted this tweet somewhere on the site, but it was probably before we had a portfolio section.  Thank you for posting it again, in the correct location.  :classic_biggrin:




^ To anyone reading this - this tweet is only the first in a string of them.  You'll want to follow the link to read the full thread.

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