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Trenchbroom Tutorials

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Interested in building maps for Quake?  Then you need to learn how to use TrenchBroom.  This thread will consist of useful link and guides to assist you in doing so.  Feel free to add any useful information you come across and I will add it to the list in this first post.


Official Website

About TrenchBroom

Download TrenchBroom


Mapping for Quake: TrenchBroom 2 Quickstart

Download TrenchBroom Starter Kit


dumptruck_ds TrenchBroom2 Tutorial (Youtube Playlist)

Quake Builder YouTube Tutorials


Andrew Yoder's Guides to Quake Mapping


Quake Wiki



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TrenchBroom is a cross platform level editor for Quake-engine based games. It supports Quake, Quake 2, and Hexen 2 and runs on Windows(XP and newer), Mac OS X (10.6 and newer) and Linux. TrenchBroom is easy to use and provides many simple and advanced tools to create complex and interesting levels with ease.



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Andrew Yoder's Guides to Quake Mapping:

So You Want to Learn 3D Level Design: Andrew addressed the question "Why Quake?"


Making Your First Map in Quake (Part 1)

- The Folder Structure

- Quake Game Assets

- The Sourceport

- Testing So Far

- The Level Editor

- Configuring Trenchbroom

- The Compiler

- One Last Thing

- Next Time

Making Your First Quake Map (Live Stream)


Making Your First Map in Quake (Part 2)

- Our Progress So Far

- Exploring a Map

- The Editor Layout

- Adding the Texture Collection

- Viewport Camera

- What’s in the Map

- Compiling

- Playing The Map

- Next Time

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