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  1. I was actually pretty surprised that Max ended up rating mine 1st on his list. Just watching some of the streams I had the impression that he didn't like it. But that's dope. Also @Westin way to go man. Both With Love and Uncomfortable Silence are top tier maps and easily part of my top 3
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  2. I don't think i'll be trying to finish any maps for halo 5, but for infinite i have an amaaazing idea for a new 1v1 map, i'm going to translate all the qualities of smash bros 1v1s into a fps map, it's going to be so freaking beautiful... i think i'll call it fantasia
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  3. Don't worry guys we will soon be arguing about another clunky game but instead of thrust we will have a grapple hook. We will push some square pegs into round holes because it is what we know and think is good. Then take 4-5 years to actually learn how to play the game because the population died and only a few people will forge and test maps. We will have a contest where people who are largely in and out of the community or new members for that game judge the contest. It will result in salt and as they say... The salt must flow. P.S. Hopefully the OS/CAMO isn't broken in the next game.
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  4. Out of the contest maps available I'd certainly say so man. Maybe your standards are in some ethereal plain, but when we are comparing the dev maps for the past 5 halo games and games like Destiny, Doom 2016 and even some Quake and unreal maps I've seen I think a ton of the maps in this contest pool alone beat them out by a significant margin at least when it comes to gameplay and crafting unique encounters. Like with the ability to rapid iterate test that forge gives us honestly I think a lot of forgers are better than even some of the best industry designers. The only glaring things I found with Westins' maps are that I hate OS with a fiery passion in doubles. You yourself claim that so much of level design is subjective but now your claiming that his maps are mediocre? What gives? What's your criteria?
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  5. The little forging cohort that we know and love definitely has a lot of really creative designers, and it says a lot that it has kept going throughout the H5 lifespan. But for whatever reason, I don’t see all that much high-quality level design in dev games. Like you said @Jake Stegmeier | MartianMallCop, barring Doom/Quake’s memorable levels, there’s far more interesting things going on in Forge than in other games. And that includes a lot of single-player / non-FPS games. My money is on ease of use and iteration. No other game except Minecraft allows for so much in-engine creativity, and on console to boot. Unreal Engine is flexible, but the mouse and keys just don’t give you that feeling of hand-crafting an environment the way H5Forge’s control scheme often does. I just wish H5 combat wasn’t AIDS. Maybe people would actually play these maps if it wasn’t...
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  6. https://www.ign.com/articles/quantum-league-time-travel-paradox-shooter-hands-on. This sounds pretty I interesting. Maps and characters look way too generic, but the idea is really good.
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  7. Nathan my man... both maps were made before the contest was announced. Keep making things up about people, good looks
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  8. Top tier maps? Lawl. They are both mediocre at best and that's being generous. I do enjoy playing both maps, and with more time and playtesting I think they could both easily reach that top tier level, but where they are at currently, just no. I'm thinking about doing a personal in-depth analysis of the top 3 maps and sharing my personal pros and cons of each map that placed. I will say with love is a top tier contest map for the panel of judges that were in place, and I'm pretty sure Xandrith said he just wanted to win the $ so choosing a safe 3 lane was an excellent choice for trying to win that $$$
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