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    Amin Montazeri

    «Ammo Storage 2» FPS map

    My second try for «Asymmetric» multiplayer level design Small 2v2 map called «Ammo Storage 2» Mode: Skirmish (Note: All 3D models in the level are premade Unity assets from «POLYGON») See more images here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZGgy8N
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    What Are You Working On?

    My main question is this; why is the closest thing to a 'Halo clone' a H5/Portal combo that looks like fanfiction power rangers running around knockoff Warframe maps?
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    What Are You Working On?

    Agreed, but doubting 343 is not pessimism at this point, it’s just wise
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    no god anywhere

    What Are You Working On?

    Life is too short to be so pessimistic.