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  1. making halo maps is boring cause I'm not progressing with my actual modeling =( here's a train blockout oh fuck i messed up the stairs
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  2. Yeah, I had saved some documents with every color setting on the site (because there are so many, there's no way I would ever remember them all). I went through them all last night and made sure they were correct. Some had changed, so I changed them back. There are also several new things that have color options. I played around with those and they didn't seem to change anything that's visible on the site. As far as I can tell, all settings are exactly the same as they were before the update. I've just looked through again, and there's literally nothing with a color setting that matches the color showing on the Reputation counter. There were some border coloring options which I tried changing, and they didn't do anything to the border around the editor or the highly rated posts. So there's just some weird stuff going on. There have been many updates since the site has gone live, and none of them ever changed anything that wasn't easily fixable, so I wasn't at all worried about running the update. I'll be more cautious in the future... The theme we're using doesn't have an update to make it compatible with the new software update (again, this has never been problematic before). Hopefully there will be an update available to make it compatible sometime soon, and that may resolve all of these issues. Also, I'm probably going to test out a new theme. I found one that looks quite nice, and should allow us to keep the sites color scheme, though definitely with a slightly different appearance. I'd test it in a non-public setting first, of course. Can't say for sure that I'd change over to it, but at least it would provide some type of backup option.
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