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  1. I haven't seen many of the maps, but I dig Mainstage. It's like a streamlined semi-symmetrical Chill Out. Might be a bit small for fours, though. If NLD does have a contest, I am interested in judging.
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  2. Cheese Nibbla

    Skyline (2v2-4v4)

    Hello everybody, I know its been a while since I've posted something on this thread so I feel I needed to clarify things. I dropped work on this project because of several reasons, most notably my mental health. I have been struggling a lot these past few weeks and I just decided that I will never be happy with the map if I'm not. However it has been a few weeks and I am starting to feel somewhat better. I am resuming work on this map and going blockout to continue. I will try to be more transparent as time goes on when I decide to take breaks or not. I also have fleshed out a lot of new ideas over my break so I'll see how it goes. I hope everyone can be understanding of my condition currently and I plan to release the first blockout version of this map before the end of the month.
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  3. Yeah, interesting top 24. To be honest, it's hard for me to argue with the list since I've not spent any time playing the submission, and only walked through a handful of them. I am surprised by Halcyon though. That map held up to really intense competitive testing, and I'm shocked that it's not made the top 24 maps. I have a really hard time believing there were 24 maps submitted that are better than it. It could make sense if it was because it's an old map, but that explanation is invalidated by the fact that there are maps in the top 24 that were made around the same time. Can't say I'm upset about it. Just surprised. As far as an NLD contest is concerned, I'm not completely sold on the idea. Contests can be a ton of fun to build maps for, and I love the interaction and learning that can result from that. I've always been pretty vocal about my dislike for the dissent they often create though. But really, that wouldn't/won't prevent me from doing contests. Right now we don't have anything planned for a variety of reasons. One of the big issues I personally would have would be prizing. I flat out can't put up the money for it myself, so it would require some kind of sponsor or other funding, which is fine, but adds a layer of complexity. Another issue would be testing/judging. I won't endorse a contest unless I'm REALLY confident that we could guarantee a quick judging process by competent judges. I'm not worried about finding competent judges since we have plenty of qualified people both on staff and within the community. But, it would requires judges that can commit to the judging process. It would also requires testing resources. We MIGHT have that capability, and definitely have the potential, but I'm not 100% sure we'd be capable of doing that right now. And this also ties into the final concern I would have - there needs to be sufficient interest. This requires a member base that would participate. For that to happen, there needs to be a game and type of contest that the membership would be wholly behind. I don't think we have that right now, but maybe I'm wrong. That said, I'm completely open to hosting a contest without a monetary prize. This would allow us to get some experience in running a contest, and help us be well prepared for future contests. We could certainly incentivize it by guaranteeing map features to the winner or top 3. We could possibly also offer NLD T-Shirts. And maybe could throw in some other non-monetary incentives. One of the things we've talked about is giving trophies that would be displayed either in a persons signature or profile. Trophies for 'Contest Winner', 'Top 3 Contest', "Map Feature', or something along those lines. We don't have this capability built into the forum at the moment, but it's absolutely possible. And definitely I'm open to other ideas for incentives as well. If there's any interest in something like this, I can setup a poll to determine which game there might be interest in building something for, and then go from there.
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  4. I think both of those methods are useful, and i do both, Tribunal was one of my quicker builds and it was a lesser experience compared to my other maps because of it... Not to say that maps made quickly will always be lesser to maps that have lots of time spent on them, as always it depends on the execution. Xandrith said US was his quickest build and he thinks his best map, is an opposite example of that... Also its debatable which method you can learn more from, again they both have their ups and downs. While ego definitely plays a vague part in someone's unwillingness to change their designs, it's also a good exercise to not make hasty changes to your map just because you are getting lots of pushback on something, and the more complex the design the harder it is to summarize quickly. Personally I've improved the most by just mulling over my longer designed un-iterated maps
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