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  2. They absolutely do, so here's a revised diagram: Yellow arrows indicate possible routes the camo guy could have taken, the longest one shows where he ended up in the particular case I referenced. Red and Blue blobs indicate activity, with the respective arrows indicating dominant movement. Red circle is my spawn, and blue circle is where I saw and briefly engaged camo guy before he picked it up. My path is the orange line, I stopped off and grabbed the brute shot in case I caught camo guy movement, but I didn't and he smacked me on the turret. Yesterday I played 4v4 on Standoff again, this time to prove a point I grabbed tree camo and daisychained it with satellite camo ignoring the action. I was able to circle the entire map along the perimeter completely camo'd. Looked something like this, where the blobs are representative of team positions when I engaged near the end of my second camo:
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