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  1. Not sure if any of them are what you're looking for, but I've added a bunch of new Reactions that have been saved on my desktop for like 9 months. Most of them are neutral reaction (no impact to Reputation), but I'm open to making any of them positive or negative if it's wanted. Also, if you guys want something specific as a reaction, give me an image to work with. I'm happy to add more. At some point I'll just remove reactions that don't get any use.
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  2. You shouldnt have gave icy the hmm emote damn it
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  3. I know an 'Art Pass' contest is probably not something most of you are interested in, but sharing this just in case someone is.
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  4. Well, to me it is dependent on the things you said and I appreciate the fact you are thinking about other elements of context which I was going to slowly widdle away at. So I guess my thing would be you are going to use an exponential algorithm to give it a hard cutoff? My reasoning for asking largely has to do with people doing circle twitches and other aiming methods to abuse the spread.
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  5. yes! the clown emoji! thanks chunk, please make it neg rep, -5 once per day if you can
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  6. Boyo

    What Are You Working On?

    The center slug fires straight and has unlimited range, giving the shotgun utility even if it does take seven bodyshots to kill an enemy more than a stone’s throw away. Pulling the encounter in to close-medium range, the center slug surrounded by six inner ring pellets kills in three volleys. Only at very close range do the twelve outer ring pellets fly straight for the potential OHK. In contrast, the Mauler fires seven relatively slow moving, molten projectiles that fizzle out after traveling a short distance but do not rapidly spread apart like shotgun pellets. The Mauler can kill in two volleys if all projectiles land. At long range, the shotgun beats it. At close range, the shotgun still beats it but at close-medium range, the Mauler kills in two shots while the Shotgun takes three. That being said, what exactly “very close range” and “close-medium range” are defined as is dependent on many other factors like movement speed and general map design so it would be insincere for me to quote you some exact number of units. I’m open to your thoughts on the matter though. What do you think is an appropriate effective range for the shotgun’s Outer Ring, Inner Ring, and Center Slug?
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  7. The image on the left is me 1 year ago, before learning Unreal Engine. The image on the right is me today, after learning Unreal Engine. The choice is yours. Anyways, Metahuman is pretty cool, just got early access today. Part of me wishes it would allow for some more extreme features, I'd love to remake my DS charactor in HD. Maybe in a future update 🤪
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  8. Let's say a spartan is a single unit how many units would it take for center and outer ring to reach the point of being ineffective. Also, @a Chunk can we have a cringe emoji worth zero like the bruh. Don't care what it is.
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  9. 50% off right now https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/umodeler-model-your-world-80868 @JB_ can you let me know what you think of this modeler, it looks so complete, i got it and i think its way better probuilder already, and i loved probuilder!
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