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  1. Hopefully this link works... https://discord.gg/RqEy7rg
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  2. I don't know what fatrat did to the algorithm of youtube but I never watch halo related shit and get it promoted to me nonstop
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  3. Boyo

    What Are You Working On?

    Can I get an invite to the discord or however I find the stream?
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  4. technically he’s right H5 maps are objectively good for ‘competitive’ H5 gameplay which is objectively bad for halo and human consumption I think authority is conferred only upon those who have demonstrated their advice to be precise, workable, objective, etc., which does not require the person providing it to have any type of degree or checkmark next to their name. Badges or titles can help point you in the right direction, but are not necessarily the gold standard for determining authority. Say someone has published 15 papers in neuroscience journals, has a PhD in neurochemistry, but is in debt to the tune of 600k, lives with 15 cats, only eats peanut butter sandwiches - I’m not so sure that person could be looked to as an authority on anything other than brain chemistry. And even then, I’d steer clear, as those other characteristics are emblematic of some serious thinking problems... The only metric I can think of for judging feedback is whether it serves the ends. That includes feedback about whether the ends are worth pursuing, or if the methods chosen are adviseable. Ex: Someone building a balloon to get to Mars in under 6 months might not like feedback that tells him it is futile, but if his goal is to get to Mars in under 6 months, it is good advice and should be heeded. So this begs the questions: What kind of feedback? Pointing out a small problem? Suggesting an alternative, or a solution? Suggesting the project be scrapped? Is the person receiving feedback an authority on any related matter, or can they explain precisely why it was they did something a certain way? Do they have clear vision and purpose in the first place? This reminds me of the feedback system 343 was showing off for their insider program. They had it set up so that ‘depending on what kind of gamer you are’ your feedback goes to different review teams. Unless those review teams are totally on the same page w/regards to the project’s goals, that means every team gets and acts on a totally different message, provided to them by a set of ‘!authorities!’ on some aspect of ‘!being a gamer!’, maybe enough to tear the project apart at the seams.
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  5. I find the comments super interesting on that video, people seem to love chaos. One guy says that “balance” killed halo for him and he loves maps that are unfair, as it gives the team something to fight over. He proceeds to say if every spot on the map is easily countered it’s simply not fun for him. Now obviously to promote movement you need “imbalance” but I can relate with how this guy feels for what I personally enjoy in maps. Putting a giant tower at the bottom of high ground would “balance” the map while also stripping all the unique qualities and memorable moments and emotional feelings associated with that map. What would that map even be without the climb to the top? It’s no longer unique, it doesn’t matter if your team gets wiped at the top because you’ll just spawn on the bottom in a safe tower. The bottom would now have potential to be a viable strategy for the winning team as the team up top has to cross a wasteland downhill to still fight upwards to people in a tower. So while it may be “proportional” technically speaking to balance the map by putting a tower there I would no longer have interest in ever playing that map. This is the most exaggerated example I can think of atm of how this “balance” factor can ripple through different maps giving that lackluster feeling. Also let’s not forget how “hot spawns” and “snowballing” play into the pacing of slayer otherwise you have to increase the time limit to reach the kill limit
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