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  2. Yeah, saw that. 11th…. 🤣 Some of the voters must not even be familiar with him. If this is based upon the average ranking of the voters, that means some probably had him in the 20’s or lower. 🤦‍♂️
  3. I feel like I’m being punked here… Is there some kind of contest going on to see who can make the most ridiculous, off topic posts in this thread? Have my hands more than full with real life stuff right now, but I feel like the content of this thread needs to change because there’s no way in hell anyone new is going to jump in here and interact with you all. I don’t care about any personal drama. Keep it out of here. Edit: I've moved a crap load of posts to OT of OT because they don't belong here.
  4. Sorry for bringing this back up again after we seem to be mostly past it, but I'm kind of with Boyo on Camo. I have very mixed feelings on it. I don't see a camo as being inherently unfair, but I don't think it's been implemented well to this point in Halo (CE is definitely the closest because of the lethality of the core weapons). If you asked me if it was broken in any specific game I'd probably have to say yes, but that doesn't mean that it inherently lacks integrity. Of course this is a slippery slope, because I could literally say that about anything. Also not sure what I would change to make it work... I'd be interested in seeing how it would work if you are only camoed when you're moving (when you stop you become visible again) - I think I saw that idea mentioned on Beyond, but don't really remember.
  5. Yes, if you’re only looking at a single engagement. But, it would greatly favor the better player over a series of engagements, or over the course of a full game. I personally think it would change the game too much, even if it is a change for the better, for me to still consider it ‘Halo’. At least for the core player counts. I would love to have more control over the functioning of health and shields though. I think the 1v1 experience in particular could be drastically improved were we given that capability.
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