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    Share Images that inspire you to design game spaces
  2. Using Halo as an example, since that's what I'm most familiar with, I think the importance of thumb skills in competitive FPS is actually overrated. We've seen players with only slightly above average thumb skills perform at the highest levels almost entirely because of their mental abilities. Walshy is the obvious example, and there have been others as well. A certain level of aiming competence is certainly required, but by and large aiming skill is not enough to propel a player to the higher levels of competition. For sure it plays a part, but I just don't see thumb skill as being predominantly responsible for determining a players overall skill level.
  3. Nope. Haven't touched DS3 in a long time.
  4. Once I got all of the essential equipment I needed to lift seriously at home, I changed over to a Conjugate style of training, and have been killing it ever since. In the last 4 months I've added the following amounts to my 1 rep max: Squat: +50 pounds Deadlift: +35 pounds Bench Press: +15 pounds And that was despite the fact that I threw my back out lifting right at the end of August, and had to ease back into Squats and Deads very slowly over the following months. I think I should be able to keep making good progress for a while too, because I'm really just starting to figure out which exercises work well for me. Today I did: Trap Bar Deadlift: worked up to a single rep at 335 pounds. Wide Stance Snatch Grip Deadlift: 225 pounds - 5 sets x 5 reps Banded Leg Curls: Mini Band - 2 sets x 12 reps Step Ups: 45 pounds - 1 set x 12 reps Meadows Row: 45 pounds - 3 sets x 12 reps
  5. This is pretty awesome. A Forge Test playlist is something I've been wanting for years, and it's very cool that we're finally getting it. Now they just need to make it permanent and regularly rotate different maps through it. 😉
  6. Just going to say this publicly so that everyone else knows my thoughts on this as well. I support each persons right to believe and say whatever they like. I appreciate discussion on numerous topics. Part of the reason I enjoy forum settings in particular is because of the back and forth discussion that can happen between individuals. Having said that, this ongoing commentary on other individuals religious beliefs and your interpretation of how well they live up to them is not appropriate in this thread, and it needs to stop. I say this for a couple of reasons: First, though it has been somewhat framed as a design discussion, based upon the comment I've quoted it's clearly not about that, and therefore it is off topic. Now I recognize that off topic discussion is quite common in this thread, and I am not citing that as a reason why it shouldn't be posted here, but it's worth noting nonetheless. Second, it is not a discussion. The people you have been trying to engage in this topic of discussion clearly want nothing to do with it. And so it is both a one sided commentary and off topic. Finally, it has now entered the territory of 'personal attack'. While I'm sure we can all handle having our beliefs and actions in life challenged, it is simply something that I do not want to see to this degree on the site. My intent is for there to be a sense of respect and a feeling of community amongst the members here. You are not contributing to that in a positive way by continuing to bring up this subject. If you feel so inclined, start up a separate thread on the relationship between religion and video games. It's an interesting subject that I think is worth discussing. But please, no more in this thread. And if you do end up creating a new discussion thread, keep the focus on the concepts rather than on any particular individuals.
  7. The human body is a beautiful thing (sometimes, lol). Condemning it isn't really helpful to anyone, in my opinion. I've no idea about what other kind of 'sexual' content is being referred to since I don't have the game and haven't played it, but it seems like a pretty poor example to use considering we come from a community where the entire purpose of the game we primarily play is to kill our opponents. Hypothetically, in a world where what we do in a video game has an impact on the fate of our soul, wouldn't that be more worrisome?
  8. Ah yeah! You found us. And yes please, I would love to learn about your design and building process for a greenhouse. That sounds awesome!
  9. Oh nice! Never realized this talk had been released. I published some of Jaime's stuff a while back: https://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/content/articles/balance-of-power-jaime-griesemer-r61/ His blog is also worth looking up: https://rewardingplay.com/
  10. For some odd reason, this thread over the last month or so is giving me 1980's Michael Jackson music video vibes. Not sure which is more appropriate...
  11. I cannot stop listening to this... Probably listened to it 50 times over the last week. This guy is performing on a Chinese singing competition. It was an invite only competition with many well established singers from China, and he was added as a 'wildcard' and largely unknown competitor from Kazakhstan. The performances in this first episode were ordered by vote from the audience, with their most anticipated performing last, and least anticipated performing first. He was the first performer. He became an overnight sensation in China based upon this performance. Dude is out of this world. Enjoy!
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