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  1. So... Would love feedback from you all on a 'Members Picks' system. Most of us are familiar with another site that does something like this monthly. I like the concept, and am interested in doing something like that, but do not just want to copy what is already being done. For one, I'm not really interested in just duplicating a system that's being done somewhere else. And also, no process is perfect, and I would want to improve upon what others are doing. Curious to hear from you all about how you would go about it. Posting here is fine, but it would be better posted in the thread linked below, so that all of the feedback is easily accessible. It may be helpful to read the first post of that thread as well, as I lay out a few examples of the type of feedback that would be helpful.
  2. We would love to get your suggestions on a potential 'Members Picks' process. A quick example of what this might look like is that each month the members would select their favorite content that was shared on the site. There are about a million different ways to go about this, and while I have my own ideas, I'd really like this to be driven by you all. Suggestions of any and every kind are welcomed here. Some of the things that would need to be determined if we are to do this are: How often do we do Members Picks? What does that process look like? What kind/s of content are eligible? How should the 'winners' be recognized? What is a good name ('Members Picks' is just one possibility)? And any other aspects you may care to discuss. Share as little or as much detail as you'd like to. It is all helpful and appreciated. 🙂
  3. Halo Infinite discussion thread: https://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/forums/topic/575-halo-infinite/ For an explanation: https://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/forums/topic/575-halo-infinite/&do=findComment&comment=9290
  4. Hypothetically, I like the idea of weapons having unique characteristics, but I like that they put them all into one item. I have little faith that it will work well, and this makes it easier to remove. It would suck to need to remove good weapons because of bad abilities being tied to them. On a related note, I am planning to make a thread for Halo Infinite discussion, and moving relevant posts there. I know we are all used to WAYWO being a free for all, and I'm fine with the conversation moving in different directions, but anything that could generate significant discussion is going to be moved/spun off into a separate thread. The primary focus of WAYWO should be one what we are actually working on, while discussion about particular games should/will go in a thread dedicated to that game (ie: Dark Souls).
  5. Don't know what to tell you other than that type of gameplay really isn't my cup of tea. 99.999% of what I've played on Halo consists of standard competitive gametypes for 1v1 - 4v4 (here's a link to my game history if you want to see something really boring, lol.). As a general rule, it's really the only thing I enjoy in Halo. I know all the 'OG' Halo enthusiasts think they're pretty picky, but I'm on a whole different level, lol. I don't even consider myself a gamer. I generally dislike video games. There are only a handful of video game experiences that I enjoy, and Tremors and Invasion are decidedly outside of my bubble. I'm sure I've asked you this before, but have you ever considered making your own game (or are you already doing it)? I think you'd be far better off iterating on your ideas that way than you would be theory crafting them. I'd be interested to see what you would create.
  6. a Chunk


    Share Images that inspire you to design game spaces
  7. I've never played it or watched anyone play it, so I can't answer that question. I would assume it's not just a random question though, and that you have a reason for asking that. What is it?
  8. @Boyo - I think a lot of your ideas are good, and could work well and be fun. They largely conflict with what I enjoy about ‘Halo’, which is the extreme simplicity of it. Put the ideas into a cohesive package as a new game (or even a spin-off series) and I think there’s something there.
  9. I can't objectively give any real feedback on this. Really wish we could just get some actual in-game multiplayer footage that's not modified. I'm sure we will at some point, but edited footage like this just irritates me. I do like the idea of a 'Training Academy' that's mentioned in the blog post. I'll hold out unreasonable hope that bots will be usable on Forge maps...
  10. Article Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/halo-infinite-multiplayer-reveal
  11. Would love some feedback on the forum structure. Compliments and complaints are both welcomed. Suggestions would be even better. Here are images of the 2 most recent iterations (you'll have to click on the images to see them clearly). Which is better? Why? If you are organizing the forum structure yourself, what would that look like?
  12. Hmm... Could have sworn I set it to unlimited, but it’s possible I’m mistaken, the options and/or defaults changed with an update, or that there’s a limit even if it’s set to unlimited. I will look into when I get a chance.
  13. FYI, we will be testing out some changes to the sites appearance and structure over the coming months. So don't freak out if/when you see things changing. Some of the things being discussed: removal of the chatbox and the article slider on the main forums index. Reorganization of the forum structure (ie: creating, deleting, combining, renaming forums and subforums). We are always open to feedback and suggestions (though I obviously can't guarantee we will act on all suggestions, they will certainly be given consideration), so feel free at any time to let us know what you think about the changes, or what you'd like to see.
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