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  1. About Reaching Perfection Missed Chapter 28? Read it here: Perspective Direction Intro Ever wonder what makes a spot easy to control compared to other areas of a map? It isn’t always just the amount of pathways that lead to it. There are many factors that can determine whether an area is easy to control or hard to control, but one of the main factors is the degree of focus that the area requires for control. What is degree of focus? Well let’s find out. Sphere of attention The degree of focus refers to the amount of area that a player must focus on visually in order to fully lock down an area. A completely open flat field requires 360 degrees of focus laterally and vertically... a full sphere of attention. In order for a player to fully control that type of area they have to divide their attention everywhere and stay vigilant at all times. Now on the opposite side of a coin, imagine a room with one entry way into it that can be watched without moving one’s perspective. The doorway serves as the only area of focus. The given area hence has a very minimal degree of focus required to lock down that area. An area with a high degree of focus is typically not desirable, while an area with minimal degree of focus is typically very advantageous as it allows a player to divide his attention less. Path Manipulator Degree of focus is a very important thing to pay attention to for popular areas and main pathways. A low degree of focus can actually serve as a very strong incentive for many players acting as powerful as a sniper rifle or rocket launcher, as it gives them the ability to focus all of their attention with very little perspective variance. Increasing the degree of focus of an area can lessen an area’s incentive weighting and too much can actually become a strong deterrent. A large open area in the center of a map is a very popular technique to stop players from taking the quickest route as it has an extremely high degree of focus and is very hard to be in for any given amount of time. These areas are also popular places to situate powerful incentives like the rocket launcher as the high degree of focus lowers the incentive weighting of the rockets serving as a counterbalance to its power. And areas like a room with minimal entrances are great incentives to encourage players to move as they offer a sense of security. Degree of focus can serve as a powerful path manipulation tool if used correctly. More than just multiple paths Just having multiple paths to an area does not guarantee that the area will have a higher degree of focus. Degree of focus is based on how many perspective directions are required to lock down the area. If all three paths in a room can be watched from one perspective then the room is just as easy to lock down as a room with only one entrance. Requiring more perspective variance to control an area will also help decrease an area’s incentive weighting. Keep in mind that degree of focus includes the third dimension. Aerial combat is becoming very popular as a game mechanic. Placing a roof above an area can help reduce the degree of vertical focus while still keeping the high degree of lateral focus to help create the experience that you are looking for. Degree of focus can make or break a map and it can also be the focus of a map’s essence. Players love having tons of control over situations. As a designer, you control how much power they get. Read Chapter 30: (to be updated) Follow Ray Twitter: https://twitter.com/RayBenefield Mixer: https://mixer.com/RayBenefield Follow Next Level Design Join the Forum: http://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/register/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NextLevelDesig2 Discuss on Discord: https://t.co/hkxwVml0Dp
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    Share Images that inspire you to design game spaces
  3. I mean, if you really are not interested in doing design as a career then you don't need to worry about burning bridges because you're not intent on using those bridges anyway. For those that are interested in doing design as a career, it's a good opportunity to understand the type of communication that's needed/expected. This doesn't have anything at all to do with transparency. While there may be times when being transparent can be detrimental to a persons career, the vast majority of the time there doesn't need to be a choice between being transparent or not being transparent - it's almost always possible to state clearly what you think and feel about something in a professional way. Despite the fact that I said you don't need to worry about burning bridges you don't plan to use, nearly all interpersonal relationships (even with close friends) are improved by communication that takes the feelings of the other person/s into account. This is something I'm always working to improve at myself, because I still have moments every single day where my first instinct is to be blunt and inconsiderate, and it's often with the people I'm closest to. I also have enough experience with people talking to me in a way that's hurtful to understand the impact that can have. This impact can be easy to forget about, especially in communication that's not face to face. We're all works in progress.
  4. Anyone here who's really serious about getting into the video game industry, you should check out the 'Design Den' Discord Channel. LOT'S of industry level designers and game designers there, so it's a good opportunity to get some insight and feedback. This link is only good for a day, so if anyone wants a link after it's expired, just send me a message. And just for clarity's sake, I'm not involved in this at all. Just trying to share a resource that might be of value to some of you. Link: https://discord.gg/CKPNyu
  5. I kind of like the idea, but things like this can almost always be exploited. About the only way to guarantee it's not exploitable is to make the tele basically worthless, so it's kind of a catch 22. I would love to see something like it pulled off successfully.
  6. Unreal's free marketplace content for August is available for download. Here are the assets you can download for free for the remainder of this month: Generic Radial Menus v2.0 - Quickly and easily add radial menus to your games! Medieval Kingdom: Medieval Kingdom is a next-gen PBR 3D modular art package which contains hundreds of fully customizable models to create your own game. Root Motion Extractor: Extract root motion data and transfer it to in-place animation. Tropical Jungle Pack: Collection of high quality photorealistic tropical forest trees, grass clusters, bushes, ferns, rocks, and river for creating a realistic forest. Truck and Trailers: Game ready truck and trailers with attach/detach system, with good physics. New, permanently free content: African Animals Pack: This pack includes a set of 7 African animals ready to populate your savanna or jungle environment. Source: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/featured-free-marketplace-content---august-2020
  7. Yes, but I don’t recall their names. I also remember a lot of the WIP’s you’ve posted that were never released. I’ve always appreciated your ability to think outside the box and not follow the prevailing trends of the community.
  8. a Chunk


    Looks interesting, but can't say much about the layout without an overview, or doing a walkthrough of the map. Visually, have you given any consideration to adding more color to the level?
  9. @Buddy Jumps I tried changing the link color. I can do it and it looks better like that. But...it literally changes anything that's a link to that color, which I really don't like. Here's what the forums main page looks like: It's a bit too much, imo. @icyhotspartin - New Emoji, just for you.
  10. Saw this some other places... _________________________________________________________________________ I am not convinced that Halo: Infinite 'has sprint' 1.mp4 By that I mean, sprinting does not make you run any faster. It's just an animation. 2.mp4 Again, sprint doesn't seem any faster than base movement speed. 3.mp4 You can throw equipment with zero penalty while sprinting. 4.mp4 You can use grapple with zero penalty while sprinting. 5.mp4 You can melee attack with zero penalty while sprinting. 6.mp4 And lastly... you can SHOOT OUT OF SPRINT WITH ZERO PENALTY. Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/sdSFnKl
  11. I hear you. That was what I initially wanted. From what I remember, the setting that changes that also affects text color in multiple other areas, and I didn't want orange text as the default in some of those areas. It's possible that some of the text color options have changed though, so I'll take another look and see if it's now possible to adjust this without impacting other parts of the site.
  12. I'm hoping the multiplayer at least will be free to play. 🤞 I want to check it out, but I can't see myself buying it based upon what we've seen thus far.