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  1. Did you guys know the creators of Addidas and Puma were brothers? Pretty cool history there, if you have the chance to look it up.
  2. I was referring to MCC, Halo 5, and now this. Halo 4 aiming was really good and done by CA
  3. Reach is an awful game and people will remember that instantly. The mouse aiming is terrible. 343 is 3 for 3 with straight Halo games with broken aiming. It will die quickly.
  4. I didn't know you were so good at graphic work man, good stuff
  5. I just want to say that all the supposed meaning and "depth"comes from making a weird abstract shape is basically meaningless. Its completely jumps over the foundational reason behind a good logo in favor of random lofty design intents that frankly - no one cares about (not at all different than any other design practice, just like level design). The abstract shape path, including the ones I mocked up, are forgettable at best. I could do a Google search right now with any random words and come up with a dozen websites on the first page alone that have a modern font and some meaningless shape that you'll forget. The Nike logo is better than Addidas because it's an idea, it's something you recognize. Closer to a metaphor than some weird physical representation of goals. As buddy pointed out, the Apple logo is a good example. And (I think) the anvil/hammer is still a better candidate than anything we've seen follow it for the same reasons. Can we see some ideas in vein of that line of thinking. A cube with manipulator handles like Chunks been posting is probably closer to being on the right track. Just off the top of my head I'm thinking of random tools used in the process of making things- woodworking tools perhaps. The hammer and anvil. An ink quilled feather on parchment. Idk, something in that direction maybe.
  6. Beautiful post Edit: @icyhotspartin yours as all, love it.
  7. I've typed up like 5 different responses to this but I'm just going to go with the classic lmao.
  8. just sketching, obv I dont think any of these should be final. Just looking for directional input from everyone except Soldat.
  9. Lemme try something in Photoshop along those lines
  10. I just picture the hammer striking the anvil akin to the refinement process of building a map. It's just simple raw creation in the same way someone would craft a weapon. I thought it was a nice reference to forge without being on the nose since the forge monitor is typically the accompanied imagery beside Forge and not the anvil. I thought it was a recognizable shape. And I thought it looked cool. That was it, there wasn't a ton of time or thought put into it so I'm not particularly attached nor do I feel the need the defend it. I'm just thinking out loud here. My initial idea for the banner was showing something take shape through additional dimensions, as in a line becoming a square, and then a square becoming a cube. Or something along those lines.
  11. Someone take soldats emoji privileges away this guy doesn't know how to act
  12. On the note of shirt designs again - I think it's important to stress not looking like you're blatantly wearing a video game shirt. I don't have a picture in it but I own this shirt after my Activision time And it's pretty sick. Obviously the material and fit of the clothing is going to be just as important so it looks nice wearing it but I wear that shit a lot because it looks like a normal shirt. No one sees that and thinks "Call of Duty and Blizzard". Another pic of some Treyarch clothes from a few years ago So the sweater I'm wearing is obv a little more hands on in "THIS IS A VIDEO GAME SHIRT" as there's a massive black ops 3 logo on the back but that kinda goes with being a dev sweater. But I still can dig it. The guy on the left is Adam Hoggat (Nuketown guy) and I have that shirt too and honestly its swag af. Just a typical sick baseball t with cool lettering. That's the direction we should probably go in.
  13. I don't know if it's cliche but otherwise, that's all fair. I like the hammer and anvil, I think it represents design in a cool way and also shows the heritage of the forum. It's also a real recognizable idea and not just some abstract vector shape. But if there's something better out there then I'm all for it, I don't care. The whole wE haVe tO dIsTaNcE ouTSelvEs fROM fOrGe mentality is a little silly imo. But if anyone has cool symbol ideas lemme hear em. I think even a more simplified hammer and anvil will go a long way.