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  1. True dark souls 3 vets know it's all about L1 spamming.
  2. Yeah that swamp is probably the worst part of the game lol gets a lot cooler over that though. What weapon?
  3. Keep me updated. The world map is definitely a lot more linear than Ds1. But the game has solid controls and really good animations. The rpg elements are a lot weaker though, the stats and armor doesn't make nearly as big of a difference.
  4. I left a comment on the video but I thought I'd reiterate here. Really good work on the video, I can tell how much work goes into it because I've done it myself and you didn't skimp too much. Very impressive, both the map and the production. Looking forward to your next project.
  5. Yeah I just can't with dark souls 2. I've played through 3 like 8 times though, lot better. Game has really good animations.
  6. I made a lot of progress when I first posted about it that time ago, some half an hour of the video is done. It needs the last 15 minutes. But I basically stopped working on it altogether because something else came up that's been eating all my time. Don't know if I'll ever finish it to be honest.
  7. Neither game takes much gun skill but at least I can be creative in Destiny and kill a bunch of people in smart ways. Behold, the lightning grenade There is a mountain more of dumb stuff in Destiny however. Pick your poison.
  8. I don't understand this analogy at all.