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  1. Just think about brutal shapes, something that makes a statement. Low poly stuff honestly works really well with good forerunner art, probably because it was originally made in that form. At least for the broad strokes. I believe in you
  2. Any information as to what time period you're going for?
  3. Oh well that's nice, but there's quite a bit ahaha maybe yours is super powered..or I've just spilled too much food into my vents.
  4. Full promotional release here. I'll find a way to get that page somehow translated so I can post it here on NLD in the next few days. Probably gonna screen cap the page in segments and post it here in the same fashion. Enjoy! PS. Working on a version that's performant on base Xbox One's now, gimme a few days.
  5. Videos done. Gonna knock out the thread. Map should be tonight/tomorrow morning.
  6. I have been working so, so hard on this map. The video. And the release page for it. Almost here.
  7. I don't think the lack of bend looks out of place at all, which is odd because usually being able to purpose build your geo like that is favorable. I'm honestly almost prompted to say no bend just to avoid creating that little pocket.
  8. Pretty solid. I don't think I'd organize it the way you have but you're hitting a lot of key terms that need to be targeted so that seems right on the money.
  9. I hope I didn't look this silly judging the 1v1 contest.
  10. 4th and final Halo 5 map coming up. About 3 years in the making. Odyssey // Fall from Grace (2v2)
  11. Sorry I forgot to get back to you the other night by the way, caught me in the middle of a session
  12. You got dq'd from a contest for your map being escapeable?
  13. Love it! Also, we are all just weeks away from the final Halo 5 map from MultiLockOn *smoke breathing emoji*
  14. We should talk about all that! It's been a while, I see you're online right now but you're in a full party so I'll hit you up later. Also the waywo is starting to feel like home again.
  15. I already told you I'm done making maps, I'm a Destiny kid for life now.
  16. That is undoubtedly shitty but it's just a patent, Activision files about a million of them. I highly, highly doubt it is implemented in any way into Call of Duty to be honest. Not that the game doesn't have a slew of other issues, but I don't think dynamically adjusting auto aim based on skill is one of them. Especially considering they give you aim assist levels in the settings.
  17. Hmm perhaps it should cost you an identical amount of your own reputation to do so to someone else. I would gladly bomb 100 rep off myself if it means dropping a sprint supporter into the ground.
  18. Dude can you imagine just -100 rep bombing someone's post holy shit ahahaha