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  1. Shots From my Game Rougarou

    Screenshot from 2019-12-14 21-09-37.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-14 21-10-36.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-14 21-12-06.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-14 21-13-38.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-14 21-14-38.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-14 21-15-45.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-15 03-02-26.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-15 03-04-08.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-15 04-43-53.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-15 04-44-19.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-19 00-22-00.png

    Screenshot from 2019-12-19 00-22-17.png

    1. a Chunk

      a Chunk

      Looking good Will.  :classic_biggrin:

      What type of game is it going to be?


      I would love to be able to follow the progress of your game here on NLD.  I'm not sure if this is something you're interested in doing, but you can start up either a Project thread or a Blog and visitors will be FAR more likely to see your progress there.  The only reason I'm alerted to this Status update is because I Follow you. It will probably go unnoticed by most visitors.  :classic_sad:


      Here's the Projects Section: https://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/forums/forum/7-projects/

      And the Blogs Section: https://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/blogs/


      I'm also always interested in showcasing content from those 2 location on social media!  Keep up the good work on Rougarou.  😉

    2. Will Le Beouf

      Will Le Beouf

      Thanks a Chuck, I appreciate it. It's a Linear 3rd person RPG as of now, based on the legend of the "Rougarou" which is a werewolf creature of sorts. I really want to make it 1st or 3rd person and have even thought about what 2nd person would look like. To where you are controlling the werewolf's actions through the eyes of someone else. I will check out the projects section as soon as I can. Thanks again for the heads-up.

      werewolf transparency.png

  2. Screenshots from my game Rougarou. I am hoping to become better at level design.

    Screenshot from 2019-08-25 03-28-06.png

    Screenshot from 2019-08-25 03-28-52.png

  3. Greetings Will!

     Thank you very much for joining Next Level Design.  Feel free to contact myself or anyone else on staff if you ever need assistance with anything.  😉


    We can be contacted directly with this link: