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  1. So I'm just attaching a PDF of my work in progress design document and hoping it looks alright on here. I don't have a name for the game I've been working on, just really calling it my November Challenge Card Game. At its core, it is a cooperative character builder. I built it around the idea of making a game like Dungeons and Dragons a bit simpler. It is still fairly complicated, but it doesn't require character sheets or a large book of rules. Players battle against enemies to earn loot that makes them stronger and able to take on more powerful enemies. Originally the game was going to have a boss at the end, but I wasn't able to find the time to properly implement it. I'm expecting to continue iterating on this project, as I've really enjoyed working on it, and the feedback I have received from playtesting has been mostly positive. Players can choose between two basic starting classes: Melee and Ranged Loot upgrades a player's stats while also encouraging strategy and playing differently Encounter cards show players the type of enemy they are facing, the number of enemies, their attack roll (top left), and the amount of loot earned upon completion (top right) Enemy cards show all the same stats that player cards do, and are used on the playing field to track any changes to their stats and who they are attacking
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