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  1. feelin down
    catto up https://t.co/Pd5cvcm3yC

  2. RT @archillect: https://t.co/Y7NKYxfghV

  3. https://t.co/eEja6pispR


  4. @Mclogenog Ayyy! I'm excited that you've got some exciting things happening! :D

  5. @tha_rami It'd be nice if none of this happened in the first place, buuuttt this is a step in the right direction I… https://t.co/9BVQJQuZHs

  6. @CHLevelDesigner @SquirrelMission I'm sure he'll be thankful after it all comes around. He's a medic, so I'm sure h… https://t.co/ML6Nu9Hhej

  7. @supple_hands The fact that I can say that I'd buy this just to have fun with the movement mechanics is a telltale… https://t.co/kNefQ0c2j4

  8. @CHLevelDesigner @SquirrelMission A buddy in the military is constantly whining about it every other time we chat.… https://t.co/C6NgTNV7mW

  9. @DWaterMalone 💪 I'm sure you'll be part of a kickass team one day~

    Masterpieces aren't created overnight!

  10. @JasperRLZ @CKierum Holy shit. Now that you point it out, I didn't even realize how stupidly clever this is!!! Wow.

  11. RT @OregonProgress: https://t.co/vjMnDiXLmI

  12. @Shauna_c_jones I fail to see how you think how you were "fat and ugly" 🤔

  13. @CHLevelDesigner Something possibly big or something not at all. We shall see!

  14. @TinkerTyler8 Superstitious so I don't wanna talk about it until anything happens, but we'll see if anything does come of it! :D

  15. Fingers crossed!!!! AAAAAAAAA