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  1. @mrschief7 I always knew God was a beautiful woman 😭

  2. @Totter87 ? 🤔🤔🤔

  3. @_wadexwilson Tyler has some amazing reactions. He's insane, but man oh man is he a goldmine for hilarity.

  4. @_wadexwilson Mine is his DBZ beanie clip.

  5. @CHLevelDesigner @notimetoulose That's some good feedback. Were there defined metrics to follow or did you have to create your own?

  6. @CarlosZarachoA @danidosgamer ♥️ much love

  7. This just gave me chills. https://t.co/LQ583jbLxl

  8. @CarlosZarachoA @danidosgamer "Just because you haven't seen them before, doesn't mean you have to say that." Basically, don't be rude.

  9. @CHLevelDesigner You've got this man. <3 💪😤👍

  10. @CHLevelDesigner I mean this in the absolute non-asshole way possible when I say: You're getting tests. You're pass… https://t.co/S2vRARb1Gk

  11. @CarlosZarachoA https://t.co/TIesEEdNGC

  12. RT @crwilso: Half-Life Free confirmed https://t.co/OIrQpBhTo3

  13. Whatever this is... Yes. I agree 100000% https://t.co/OjdROdJrhk

  14. @mrschief7 Wait, you made that tweet BEFOREHAND???

    Uhm, are you sure /you're/ not God? 😳

  15. @mrschief7 omg I just realized what you were referring to!! I didn't know they made all of Half-Life free!! :OOO