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  1. Your cat ever cause you to call off because you cant risk an infection (if unbandaged allowing for mobility and vic… https://t.co/xbXLbxSG7c

  2. @Swifvente Amazing.

  3. Anyone play Apex on PC? I'm in NA :)

  4. @Swifvente What happened here?

  5. @roy_bennettiv omg I wish I saw that!!

  6. @hihoneylich okay but don't /actually/ drink poison tho. That's bad. Poison is bad mmmkayy?? https://t.co/5NBNveoPzd

  7. @jrcwest A little same! Had another interview (diff studio/company) and I think it went pretty well! Just shot a fo… https://t.co/KustiKGtzC

  8. How is everyone this Tuesday?

  9. @jrcwest This audibly had me guffaw

  10. @Mclogenog Huh. I'm garbo at trig :'(

  11. https://t.co/UCj59Je15m https://t.co/3bjBsSiUHj

  12. Me laughing audibly at both virgins and chads whilst I'm over here a lvl 99 paladin worshiping Source 2. :^)… https://t.co/ilSZyLHWjQ

  13. @Mclogenog is that the degree you're referring to?

  14. I never posted this, but this was back when Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order first released. This bug could've been patc… https://t.co/k7gwjmwNUe

  15. @Mclogenog 😳 Why's that?