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  1. Gonna hit up some Titanfall 2 with a buddy over on https://t.co/K3mMB5Ft9Q

    Come stop by :)

  2. @emiplayz I wish I had Netflix :'(

  3. @emiplayz https://t.co/2PcUeZ0RJh

  4. Whatever the case may be, I think it's comforting, but also alarming (still downplaying the quality/fruits of my la… https://t.co/ytdLm1vVu1

  5. I don't know why I've never credited those maps. Maybe because they weren't made in a professional setting?

    Maybe… https://t.co/ndd8oB0UeO

  6. So... I kind of have been discrediting myself all the years I worked as a hobbyist on levels that I never showed an… https://t.co/jsDLSHHkr2

  7. @sdgiesselmann @valvesoftware an index... *mouth waters* https://t.co/Ci5FdU4gXI

  8. @SplendidJams How are you finding Godot? Is it easy to pick up?

  9. @josyanf1 @eigenbom who here remembers Playstation 4 controller leaks from back in the day? https://t.co/80awvMkosW

  10. @GuideThePlayer If it ain't more leading lines, then ion want it.

  11. On every single level including physical, I'm feeling like a Craig today ngl... https://t.co/cYGE7WlSEk

  12. sp00py https://t.co/kjsit1BL6t

  13. @CobTheCreator I'm not saying really to archive them, but moreso to have /others/ view them instead of sifting thro… https://t.co/8MtgCtPlQM

  14. Okay so I MAY have forgotten how to stream lol but I'm gonna try streaming some Half-Life: Alyx LD.

    Come stop by I… https://t.co/44bvaH4dk3

  15. @CobTheCreator Either spend a few bux to have someone set it up, buy a premade one, or PLENTY TONS of ones that are… https://t.co/YO6vjdTdHx