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  1. @ImpracticalCar1 There's different TYPES?? https://t.co/oeP3GNUWmt

  2. @tdDaz Oh wow really?! I've even listened to this mix before! I think I might've put it on a #tunesday mix perhaps...

  3. RT @archillect: https://t.co/khUT2uZgKJ

  4. Okay, I think that's enough twitter for today. I think I've spent a solid hour and a half scrolling and just lookin… https://t.co/RlIpN1MIEk

  5. @ImpracticalCar1 Really diggin' the pipe! I've been really hankerin' to get one. I wonder if there's a real craft t… https://t.co/3Br9x8zHj6

  6. RT @swear_trek: 🖖 https://t.co/m1HvhJR9Sv

  7. @LegacyGameDev @howareyi https://t.co/3jfjB3Kffd

  8. @gvarados OOooo if this was S1, I wonder what you're capable to do with S2! :O

  9. @luluixixix @muratpak You would.

  10. @MDunthorne 4. Noticed it was OCD at a early childhood age, but never "really diagnosed". In my head I would freak… https://t.co/ji9s7B7nh6

  11. RT @BlocktoberLD: Excellent stuff from @IOInteractive ! #Blocktober https://t.co/0TX28fEAJZ

  12. I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!!!...

    This is so incredibly beautiful. I can't wait to see more/when this project ge… https://t.co/B1jiWnF3C8

  13. RT @FRAGLevelDesign: I'm vibin pretty hard here ngl https://t.co/Ck5IHNitFp

  14. RT @ValveNewsNetwor: I got permission, the report is incoming. https://t.co/s7wyO8h05C

  15. RT @TafferKing451: It's hilarious that Doom 3 attempts to explain *why* a large amount of chainsaws are just sitting at a mars base. https:…

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