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  1. Infinite needs the CSGO mechanic where when you die it shows how much damage you did to the enemy. and it would be even funnier to die to a bloodshot and see "damage given - 0" lmaooooo
  2. just turn off the skins for h3 in settings... that fixes ur gloves for now.... but obviously everything else will go. i dont use skins so i dont care. i keep it off now for my normal hands
  3. yeah and honestly those maps regret probably wouldn't be so bad without all the abilities and the unreasonable stretching out of the map. Regret pretty much is amp
  4. so 343 fucked up the lighting on narrows It could look nice granted but the maps just weren't made for it.
  5. NOT kidding I only bought metro for this tarp physX Metro Last Light Redux 2021.04.02 -
  6. exodus is probably the worst game of the series imo... it completely lost everything that made metro, metro... the biggest being the metro itself ... the metro was a good story telling device because of its linear nature you could tell more easily tell the narrative and show narrative elements in the level. and you could more easily populate it with the cool supernatural elements and weird interactions because the players will have to follow the path (of linearity) anyway... tho even as linear as i say the game is, its not super linear, tons of ways to approach your target. exodus isnt a bad game by any means but its the weakest of the series... my favorite part of the game is the end of it, because it was a true metro experience at the last level..... you know what im talking about.
  7. are you also asking us who we would pick to play? hmmm. I think my favorite game series ever is probably metro. and I picked it up on a whim, I remember whatching a TotalBiscuit video about it. I literally only bought it for it's "impressive graphics" it's the most immersive game I've ever played. No other game dev comes close to the level of detail they throw down on their levels. Like I wonder how their game looks in engine cause there's so much shit thrown around the level? like wires, broken bottles, shit on the floor (rubbish), torn fences/gates, dead bodies. It's littered with trash. and Idk how the game runs so good with all this shit scattered on every inch of the floor. this main menu shows a bit of what I mean. Also the game has really trippy and cool super natrual elements to it. Coupled with being in the metro that was actually modeled after the russian metro creeps me out. I'd make people play that for immersion to see what games can do.
  8. what if you could burn camo by shooting them before they grab it like OS custom powerup?! 🤢🤮 keep the camo talk going guys this is nextleveldiscussion
  9. none of the ones you mentioned are ghost jumps sadly. And really NO one uses ghost jumps in MLG. They're not very practical and aren't in any good spots, amplified probably has the best and most useful ones. Guardian has a few but they're all deadly since you have to jump off railings to get to them (death). This one is super useful on guardian but almost impossible Construct has that one I linked, (not useful) Heretic has virtually none. Onslaught has one in the center to get to top middle but it's a super low ghost jump and fucks up everything you know about ghost jumping since you have to trigger it earlier than any other ghost jump ever. The only (useful) ghost jump pit is on sniper tower and even then I dont think it's a ghost jump. I think he's crouching in between the geo and getting a jump off that split second geo walking.
  10. When you were a kid, did anyone else think the H2 radar/shield was a battery? I legit still see it like this until I look closer and see the little shield icon... it will always be a DOUBLE A battery to me.
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