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  1. cant wait to play horizon zero dawn on PC in a few days. a game that released on current gen hardware and still probably looks way better than infinite will. lol to everyone who actually thought 343 could pull it off despite all the evidence. they were literally a studio solely responsible for the Halo comics and books/ extended universe lore.... Then MS made them the developer of Halo. I was so confused... but it all makes sense now. theyre still a comic book studio trying to be game developers. Hence all the outsourcing. They can't do shit inhouse.
  2. I think i posted this before but I called it a year ago. Game is in development hell according to some youtuber. (he has an insider confirming shit) but i'll take it with a grain of salt. everything they've shown/said still points to disappointment and lack of content at launch. "platform for the future" is bad PR for, " won't launch with shit..."
  3. kid come play h3 in 144hz also back to halo infinite. a lot of idiots think 343 modeled the Halo Wars 2 phatom in the Infinite demo 1:1 and that it has to go cause it looks ugly. It's not 1:1, 343 once again fucked up. Halo Wars 2 models are actually fucking dope I seriously don't get how they fuck this up so bad everytime... Halo Wars 2 phantom has the front two blades like the halo 2 and 3 phantom. This shitty 343 phantom doesn't... UGLY megablocks phantom look how ugly and flat the side is and their signature LIGHT BLOOM IS BACK
  4. hopefully they can go the reach route and not base the maps too much around it. the maps actually played for the most part fine when sprint was removed. only a few changes had to be made for certain maps (countdown healthpack)
  5. they also fucked up the framing... not a big deal just thought they would copy more from CE in that regard. when you exit the pelican you dont even see the ring unless you turn left, compared to CE's first level.
  6. though the right looks better with textures and such but it also looks worse in a way. everything looks unbaked lighting wise. No shadow/ambient occlusion. reminisent of H5 beta to retail lighting changes thanks to the power of the xbox one
  7. I was thinking the same thing, i was like some artist at 343 probably saw these dumb rocks somewhere in washington and though "WOW THOSE ARE SO UNIQUE AND ALIEN BRO" they've been in since h4..... funny enough, never saw them anywhere in bungies game. Not that I have a problem with them, but 343 overuses them. Coliseum in h5 was made entirely out of these dumb rocks. they could make it make sense though. just change it to actual rock, those rocks onnly form when lava cools. 343 could argue that the rocks formation are from the chunks of the ring breaking apart and cooling off, but not since theyre metal. 343 is idiot
  8. apparently everything is an ability hence that drop shield we saw.... but I wonder if I could at least cancel someones grapple hook in MP by shooting the hook wherever it lands. I mean we can shoot nades out of ppls hands, why not shoot their hook.
  9. This whole garbage hexagonal wall behind the brutes should have been a giant structure ala Valhalla or the Halo 3 Ark. literally what are you doing 343. hexagons? hopefully the forge maps lookbetter than the dev campaign levels lol
  10. BRO WHERE ARE THE BR TRIANGLES BRO /s kidding but im curious, did you kitbash it photoshop or what? also yeah what do you plan to do with that flat space. What kind of sick hard surface cuts are you gonna throw in there
  11. man seeing vic deleon. I love him!!!!!! I'm curious to hear HIS thoughts on the art style changes. He was one of the last bungie members at 343 and he was ACTUALLY a dev, a level artist... I wonder how he felt going from Bungies art style to having to adhere to 343's new concept art and artstyle.
  12. pretty much anything Paragon or Infinity Blade, Soul: City, Soul: Cave, and Water planes, not picuted.
  13. yeah you could either torrent them or maybe ask a friend in college to borrow their email. i use my school email to get the product as someone else said. they provide student versions for free for a year or so. been using that to learn Max and downloaded maya but cant figure out the UI. for MAYA. Everything is based on mouse clicks and the buttons pop off your mouse clicks. wierddd
  14. Agreed, tho you'll still see tons of work on Artstation done on Max. Either way if the artist is good, they can transfer from software to software after familiarizing themselves with the UI and tools. The general modeling/topology rules remains constant. 343 uses Maya now and Bungie used 3DS Max for Halo. They probably use Maya now but hell, some studios may not even care what software you use. As I'm looking at multiple Bungie artists some use Maya, one used Max, and another uses Blender. (actually the Blender guy is a fabricator contracted for Bungie I guess, making real life Props based on the games)
  15. the instructions mention glue actually.... but yeah you dont have to, they just recommend it I guess. but theyre also Japanese and I cant read that
  16. oh my the hard surface artist in me is so happpy but god damn fuck this.... at least I dont have to paint
  17. Anyone watch Zoids as a kid? my nerd ass about to buy this model kit... LOOOOOOL FUCK I MISS ZOIDS 25 year old ass was watching it in 1st grade so I doubt anyone here remembers it lol