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    At work today so I am checking in.
    Donuts are for gods because it is simple and doesn't get in the way of the player and with the right amount of micro does a better job than most map styles at showcasing a player or teams skill on both a mechanical and positional level. Though the positional skill is harder to gauge because it is much more nuanced with a donut. But for better players they see this because they have the 1000+ hours put into the competitive side of the game. Where forgers who largely make donuts with very meh micro don't experience what it is that makes a donut so compelling for a sweaty kid and find the general macro to be boring to design which it is and come to a conclusion that it is a lesser design style because of this. Making donut maps come off as lesser maps when largely they tend to play the best in Halo. Also, just to be clear most good donuts like midship don't have players running in a circle. They largely function off one player acting as an anchor for spawning while the other players attempt to control where the other team spawns which is why CTF can be incredibly satisfying in Halo because it requires players to maintain positions as long as possible to snowball flag runs.
    Donuts however can be a drag to design because it is very difficult to make a unique experience with one and without that it can ruin the stimulus we get from making maps.
    As designers do we really need to make them though?
    Yes, at least one. There is always good things that come out of doing something so fundamental. As fundamental things can be lost to a designer after a certain amount of time or they could be a newbie.
    As custom content creators for Halo do we need to?
    No, because the game will most likely have multiple dev maps to fill this niche?
    Would it be cool if we could innovate the simple donut?
    Yes sir but the process would be grueling because of the number of blah maps that would be made in the process.
    I would like for the forge community to produce better donuts than they do but it require people like @JB_ to actually be able to articulate what their favorite aspect of midship actually is. Which is a challenge beyond entertainment. :fat:
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