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  1. Hi, I’m a hobbyist game developer with no released projects (after like 7 years :`( )and no actual schooling in game design concepts but I love to read research on game design. I’ve had a particular focus on level design lately because I have no idea what I’m doing and every time I get started I don’t know how to approach it. I’ll make a thing and it looks too big or too small, or it’ll be boring and I don’t know how to even begin to fix it. Then just by chance I found an excellent article “The Door Problem of Combat Design” that really got gears turning in my head. That led to a multi-day research project that has resulted in all these great links. I have a feeling that much of this is old hat to professionals but I’ve found it all very helpful as a total amateur. The Door Problem of Combat Design by Andrew Yoder - Level Design - Views and Vistas by Mike Stout - Enemy Attacks and Telegraphing by Mike Stout - The Rule of Seven by Rufio Bangarang - Dark Past (Part 4) by Robert Yang - Level Design Workshop: Designing Radically Non-Linear Single Player Levels (Slide Deck only), particularly slides 55 to 68 by Audrey Serr - Composition in Level Design by Mateusz Piaskiewicz - More About Level Design and Constraints by Andrew Yoder - Level Design for Combat by Max Pears - Engaging Level Design for Combat Part 2 by Max Pears - Engaging Level Design for Combat Part 3 by Max Pears - Trinity Game Design Methodology by Mike Stout 1 - Trinity Game Design Methodology - 2 - Choice Fields - 3 - Game Mechanics - 4 - Spectra - 5 - Setups - 6 - Intensity Ramps - 7 - Ramps Part 2 - 8 - Paths - 9 - Why I Call It Trinity -