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  1. Day 2: Robotic Say hi to AL (Kinda late since I passed out before finishing the editing)
  2. I'm a day late but my brain is going nonetheless, starting from day 1. @Fatkid Forger's Blocktober word(s) list I am following: "Flight" reuses an idea for a Portal Map concept I never really got around to finishing, the idea is to allow the player to have the ability of flight and have a decent control of where they go and then intercept the enemies near that point. "Flight" walk through:
  3. Super rough, not to scale, draft from looking around it on forge, but should help as an initial reference On color: I plan to, however, as it'll be breaking out of how the Vex design style, I've been brainstorming color ideas, I am sure I'll roll back around and do some coloring work. Design maps usually have a lot of natural world put into the maps to give it a lot of pop, but as I was focused on just purely Vex, It kind of blinded me on color to be honest. On Layout: This looks pretty spot on as a overview, I tried to keep the map as unique and balanced as I possibly could have. Though I can't say it's flawless, I still have much to learn after having a few buddies play around on it, before posting I polished up a few weapon ammo issues and a few messed up clamber points. I appreciate the top-down view you made for it and I'll add it to the post ASAP.
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