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  1. Creed and Carnival were also two of the maps that I could see round out the top 10. Evader’s map looked decent, but nothing new and also had a lot of problems with the disco lighting in customs from the games that I saw.
  2. Yeah Halcyon, Hexogen and Compounded are easily in my top 5 alongside Genesis and Ant Farm. My top 7 would round out with my own 2 maps (gotta have some faith in my own designs right?) lol
  3. So since the Forge the Fight deadline had passed, I was wondering what all the people here think of the submissions? Personally I feel there is a clear top 7 of maps that stand out based on the pictures and not sure on the other three to round out the first top 10..
  4. I wanted to do a second submission for the Forge the Fight contest that was way more ‘casual’, so I made a last minute map in literally a day lol The map still has the lift functional and 2 two-way teleporters. 🙂