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  1. The tools are very nice. I know what I'm going to make but I don't know if quake bois will like it, we'll see. Gonna focus a lot on polish and aesthetics because tbh that will probably sway judging more than design in a game like this, as map pickups are so unbelievably important that unbalanced geo would come into play like... never. Just need to make sure there's no 1 position that has easy access to both megas, and with everything else I'll just get creative
  2. Played diabotical with Christian, then he told me about the prize pool for the mapping contest, so now I'm definitely making something
  3. You want rough and raw? Huh? You SURE ABOUT THAT?? @Xzamplez I've always appreciated your maps and think they are well designed. You're also a master at naming, and have some of the most memorable and unique names out there for your maps. I hate how our arguments have gone in the past, and wish I could change them. I've apologized before, but here's another one, made official. I'm sorry man. @S0UL FLAME I like your honesty and conviction, and I need to realize myself that when the honesty hurts, it's not an attack, but it's just you being you. I also like that you're still forging, which means you're doing it for the right reasons, wheras admittedly a large part of why I made maps was always, in part, to show off or compete. Not the dominating reason, but definitely a reason. @purely fat I know that you're secretly one of the friendliest people here who just likes to troll on forums, which is often taken poorly by byself and others. I should be able to temper that reaction with my experience talking to you in voice, but I often fail to do so, and that is on me. @Soldat Du Christ You're objectively the best, what else can I say? @SaltyKoalaBear Brother, I am going to try and forget the past entirely, and just say that you have made some of the coolest stuff out there, and the sheer amount you've produced is rivaled only by goat, which puts you amongst the most talented individuals i've ever seen. You're also obviously passionate, and as someone who has let passion make me say much worse things than you ever have, I have no room to judge you for anything. @Box_Hoes I don't want to patronize and say you have a lot of potential, because I think you've already realized it. Not all the way, none of us have, but it's obvious now that you can make awesome maps. And, considering where you come from, that offers a real hope for halo sweats who hate anything that isn't the pit. Maybe even for JB? One can dream. @Westin You're an idiot lmao @Mags You're another less experienced forger who is obviously talented, and incredibly easy to talk to. I hope you make more come infinite. @icyhotspartin I think you might be the only person (barring chunk) I've never seen get personal with your forum posts, which is honestly an achievement. You're always incredibly thorough with your feedback, and I love your forging style. Hopefully next gen can handle your object density without dropping frames😂 @a Chunk You've cheated with your age. When I'm your age, I'll be just as nice, uncompromising, understanding, dedicated, disciplined, and thorough in everything I do. Not impressed at all. @no god anywhere I really don't know you that well, but I've liked your maps, and for how few you've made, they look incredible. Well, they look good regardless, what I mean is that they are of a quality I expect out of someone who has made more than you have. Other than that, I hope you will realize that somewhere, no, everywhere, there is a God, and that he took upon himself the punishment for sin so that we might escape his justice and live forever. @Kantalope I still have a headache from the first time I played dodecahedron. @MultiLockOn I wish people knew you like I did, because they would hate you even more.😂
  4. Been thinking about making another map since a talk I had with tyler a few weeks ago. It's weird to think that I haven't designed anything new in almost a year. Maybe I'll never forge it because there's better things to spend time on right now, but I can design something in my head and maybe sketch it on my breaks. Oh also I'm almost done with another baseball players new house and I'll have pictures of that soon. 220 cabinet doors and drawers throughout the house, and to give reference your average middle class kitchen is around 20-30. Also did the front door, and will likely be asked to do more. Always works that way when they see good work.
  5. Please stop tagging me and talking about me. You're like an 8 year old trying to annoy his sister with repetition at this point. Move on. Make a map. Leave me alone. Edit: Just read the other posts, we're really talking about arcanum AGAIN? Bruh, you're obsessed, please find something else to think about I beg you. It's been t h r e e y e a r s and I'm thinking it's about time to stop nathaniel
  6. This furniture project has turned out to be kind of a nightmare. Funny how something so simple can go so wrong. After cleaning the crap out of the piece and flooding the whole thing with a t h i c c coat of shellac to seal contaminates, the paint still managed to react with a cheap stain/wax combo that hides imperfections on stained pieces. It was lathered on by the seller likely right before he posted and took photos, and I know because I could still feel/smell it before prepping. So, I needed to respray the doors to fix the fisheyes (little circles that look like fish eyes where the paint is repelled by microscopic specs of contaminates), which took a lot of extra paint, and I ran out before I could finish the armoire itself. Oh, and as I was on my last coat, it rained out of knowhere for like 30 seconds on my feshly sprayed surfaces lmao. Completely sunny, then raining for half a minute, then completely sunny again. Gotta love the midwest. So, instead of spending 60 dollars on another gallon of lacquer, I decided to brush/roll the frame with oil, which if conditioned and applied skillfully with a nice brush can leave a flawless finish. Was working fine, then I put a drawer in and realized that the oil (tinted to match the lacquer) was like 5 shades darker. So, now I have to brush a coat on all the doors/drawers, which means I spent all that time spraying for nothing. Lesson learned. Never spraying again for small pieces like this, unless it's newly built furniture and deserves the factory finish. I'll post a few pictures of this one soon.
  7. Well the seed of man who bruises the heel of Satan is the son of man, Jesus. That's the protoevangelium, or the first promise of the gospel. It's representative of the lamb reversing the destruction of sin with his sacrifice and being bruised in the process (a bloody sacrifice), and is not a representation of rome or any nation. Nice thought though. God is a perfect designer, so I imagine that there's all sorts of hidden things we'll never understand untill we see him, just like how the jews couldn't understand what Isaiah 53 was about, and still don't, because they refuse to believe it was written about Jesus. Same goes for all the rest of the prophets or any and all of the symbolism explained in Hebrews. "But as for you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, Too little to be among the clans of Judah, From you One will go forth for Me to be a ruler in Isreal. His goings forth are from long ago, From the days of eternity." - Micah 5:2
  8. I'm really digging this honestly. Seems easier to read, maybe because of higher contrast or something
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