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  1. See, you can be all reasonable when it fits the theme of the day, but this isn't how you've treated us at all. Everyone here has been a witness to how obnoxious and obsessive you are, especially regarding Christian, and not but one page ago you filled this website with insults. My only real consolation is that everyone got to see it play out, and see your true nature, because you are apparently incapable of admitting anything.
  2. @Box_Hoes I'm going to address your post now (about my map at least) but I want to say a few things before I do. I know I said I was done posting (and I am) but this has been eating at me, and while it's definitely best I stop posting on any forums, I just needed to say this to have a clear conscience before I do. And, you know what, I've already let the responses on beyond go without any reply from my end, which for me is substantial progress! So first, if you actually read the discussion on beyond, the argument had a clear lineage. To start, I brought up quick camo, then hard way responded to my comment about camo being a dumb powerup, and then we started talking about the viability of camo. A few posts were shot back and forth, whatever, it was all normal stuff. Then, several people on beyond started attributing the one-sided nature of power weapons and powerups as the only reason anyone would ever move in Halo, which is silly, and they were trying to justify pickups with that argument. Regardless of what you think of powerups, I KNOW that even you and Salty disagree with that idea. I know that you know that it's possible to incentivize movement with geometry. So, moving on, at this point beyond started denying any possibility of movement on a map without pickups, and demanded examples of maps in which this design was implemented. Multi replied to that demand with a list of maps that contained none of his own, and while the discussion continued on, this is where you guys come in. It was, and is, painfully obvious that the trejectory and topic of this discussion at this point was about whether or not geometrically incentivized movement is possible. It's not about how well executed, it's not about if the theoretical perfect map exists or if we are its authors, it's about the most basic design question. Keep in mind Box that your most recent level, as your yourself describe, set out to do just that - incentivize movement with geometry. So, we're all in agreement there. It's possible, not just theoretically, but practically, and has been accomplished before. If not perfectly in a map, then perfectly in a given encounter. That brings me to With Love. Box, you even said in your initial post that the gate window is a good counter to that room, but could be forged better to see its contents, and I agree! I could just push the gate back and widen the bars, or reduce the thickness of the wall, or even just fill that little cutout right underneath it so people couldn't hide under it. Whether or not it's perfectly forged is of almost no importance in the discussion we were having. You admitted that it was a counter, and thereby admitted that counters are possible. To drive the point hom even more, for my map, just for a fun, I made a video. You can most definitely counter that room. But, wait! Before you watch, know that I agree about what you said regarding the bars. And, even though you can flush the room, I agree that it is the clear place to be, and I dislike that just as much as I say I do. I'm not giving myself a free pass, and this is the exact reason that I have never, not even once, listed my own maps as perfect examples of design, which you guys seem to routinly forget. I think I'm already a much better designer than when I made that map, (and I'm excited to show that off to everyone), but untill then, here's a video to sort of demostrate that I at least tried to intentionally balance the room. The intentionality is important, because even if it's not executed to a perfect degree, it proves that geometrical counterplay is possible, and that pickups are not the only way to create movement. And, remember! That was the entire point of the discussion which you replied to. So, enjoy this for what it is. So, naturally, the next question when we are presented with all of this is... why? Why, after 4 years, are you still bringing up Arcanum when it wasn't even mentioned in the discussion? Why are you follwing us to other forums, reading our posts, and then replying to them here? Why do you allow us to live in your head rent free, when you profess to not care what we think? Why are you intentionally missing the point by bringing up specific encounters in our maps when you KNOW that movement from geometry is not only possible, but present in those maps? The only conclusion that I am left with is an obvious one. Salty hates us, the more you hang out with him the more that resentment has transfered to you, and now you both have one clear goal in mind. Make these guys you dislike look bad any way you can. Make us look wrong, call us hypocrites, even question our Christianity, pour over our maps and bring them up over and over, no matter the topic of discussion. You really can't deny this, because this is a public forum. Your anger has been put on display for the past two years straight, and even the most objective people here are getting sick and tired of your relentless hatred for those who disagree with you. But, with that, I'm done being upset about it. I've never had any individual in my life latch onto the things I say to this degree, or just harbor so much bitterness towards me. Well, maybe purely, but he's always been hesitant to actually say what he thinks, and I can handle the rare subpost or two. You know him better so you probably know what he actually thinks. But, someone who so openly is against me and my freinds as people is a completely new experience for me, and I've handled it poorly. I should've stopped posting that first day that Salty started coming at me, or when he tried sabotaging my map in the contest, or when I heard rumors of all the trashtalk, or when we apologized to eachother on discord and the next day he was back at it, or when... you get it. I let the anger get to me, and make me agry too, but I won't let that continue. I can't. I suggest that you distance yourself from all of this too, because I am seeing that same resentment form in you, that same anger I had. I know that this post will be discussed whenever you guys next talk, and I know it'll be brushed off as just another elitist propaganda piece, but I really mean it Box, this isn't good for any of us, and i really hope and pray you consider what I've said. If you want us to reflect on design philosophy, if you want us to practice what we preach, then please join us, and reflect on yourself. Consider where this entire argument that has ended in vitriolic insults came from. To end, our game is further along than I ever imagined it would be, and I'm excited to show you all one day, hopefully sooner rather than later. Congrats again on the family @a Chunk Peace, love, and RIP THC!
  3. I partially started posting on beyond to avoid salty and the gang... I can't escape! @Box_Hoes As a result of our experiences, I no longer have any interest in a discussion with you. I do not care anymore, even the slightest bit, what you think about my maps, or what you think about my posts on another forum. Call it a cop out if you want, but until now I have been open to discuss literally any point down to the detail for about the last 8 years straight. But, it always ends to same way, no matter where. The same tired arguments, the same referrals to rank or skill, the same people whos daily routine consists of waking up, joing an xbox party, and talking shit about me and others. The same dude following me to beyond because he just can't help it. The same everything. You can consider this my official resignation from any sort of investment in talking. There are more important things to worry about. 👋
  4. That's a french blue, the other jobs are a darker blue because that's trending right now and that's all decorators do, look up trends (painters don't choose the colors)
  5. Just did my home kitchen in the house I grew up in. First 7 pictures are beforehand https://imgur.com/gallery/HhwQZJ9
  6. He's right, almost every house I've ever been in had a crappy paint job, even 20 million dollar estates. It's probably because it's one of the easier trades to pick up. After all, it's not nearly as complicated as something like plumbing and not nearly as consequential because paint on a strike plate isn't as noticeable as a leaking toilet It's very rewarding to be good at though, and leads to a lot more than just painting walls
  7. Over the past week or so an idea for an encounter, and eventually a map, just kept popping into my head. I really don't care about Halo 5 but it just keeps presenting itself. Even saw the whole trailer, which is a little gratuitous I know, but still it's one of the more fun things to make if you like editing. I even broke yesterday and blocked out a central encounter with PC forge, which I couldn't have even tried if my brother didn't JUST visit to give me his controller (all mine had faulty USB connections so thay can't work on pc). I don't know, we'll see where it goes. Thought about trying to make it a 1v1 map for the sake of time and object count, but the more I think about it, the more it seems incredibly difficult to pull off in base H5, and I had some whacky geometric ideas that may just end up being tower defense if I'm not careful. Either 2v2 is easier, or that's just what I'm used to. Maybe both. If I do ever finish it (slowly) it'll all be at once with the map thread and a trailer to match. As much as I like the dopamine rush of getting rep on forums, I've always wanted to drop a map that way. And you know what? It's been like a year and two months since I last exercized the design muscle. Not good. I could be so much better than I am now if the current Halo gave me motivation
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