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  1. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/multilockon/video/85321257
  2. Does anyone know if linking screenshots will update a map file? I already updated one of my maps by loading into a forge lobby, WITHOUT even starting the game. I guess I've answered my own question here with how sensitive this system is, but I'd really like to upload custom screenshots.
  3. I agree, and that's why I said I'd still like to participate from time to time, especially for artistic reasons. Lots of environments and moods that just aren't possible in H5 forge, and I'm hoping they will be come infinite. The rest, a career, making a game, the idol that is my PC, I count as loss.
  4. Sorry to derail a level design website, lol, but I'm glad I got to share with relative ease. Imagine this on 2017 Forgehub ahahahaha
  5. The gospel is not a 'moral code' but a gate. The person/work of Christ and the implications for us all therein. One can be reconciled to God, through faith and repentance, and receive the imputed righteousness of Christ, and be snatched from under his holy wrath. Call the man Besus instead, rename Calvary to Balvary, and suddenly nobody is taking things seriously and it loses it's historical sting, which is the power of God to save. And there's your reason. I don't anyone to perish, and I want my life to be marked by works unto God out of thanks. Were it so easy. I don't have the discipline to just suddenly 'do better' and if anything, that perspective is the unreasonable one. Isn't it a joke across all of the human race that almost nobody holds to their resolutions? Yeah, I'm not going to trust myself. But, what I can do, is cut off the arm that makes me stumble. Thanks. And yes - I meant 'christians' in general, or rather, those who profess to follow Christ. Literally doesn't matter how carefully I explain or how humble my tone, people feel attacked.
  6. Yeah this isn't some reactionary manifestation of bitterness or self-doubt or whatever you might diagnose. I'm fully aware of the ability I possess, I know I'm good, relatively, at making maps. I also know that I forced it throughout the years so that I could excuse myself for spending 13 hours a day partaking in the pursuit of pleasure and leisure. Happiness be damned, God must be proclaimed, and any watered down retelling of biblical concepts that we might be able to relay will inevitably fall short of the whole truth. The gospel with the reality or, offense, extracted from it, is no longer the gospel. I assure you, this is well thought out, and it's plenty hard. I turned off my internet for two days around 6 months ago and I felt like a drug addict going through withdrawal. No more. Already put my entire setup for sale earlier today. Someone's getting a sick deal honestly ahaha my computer is insane
  7. I've forced improvements in order to legitimize the time spent pursuing pleasure via maps and games. To be completely, totally, truly honest, I've always known, for as long as I've believed the Bible to be true, that this endeavor was a colossal waste of time. The literal best case scenario is that we all get rich and famous and make the best shooter ever, with the best maps with no randomness, with complete predictability and perfect integrity, and a story that vaguely re-tells biblical stories. That's the BEST I could hope for, and what will I have to show for it all? Will it advance the kingdom of God? Are men saved by "good moral lessons" in a game they play? Nah, and I don't want to fool myself any longer. This is a worthless and fruitless pursuit, although artistically speaking, I'd still like to partake from time to time. Just not going to call this my way forward anymore. That may all sound out of knowhere and dramatic, but It's been on my mind for a looooong time. I've even brought it up to a few people, @S0UL FLAME will remember, and he understood. But, I've had to be very careful about who I tell (he says as he types it aloud to an entire forum). Christians especially take offense, and have a tendency to get mad at the proposition. You'd think if I told a brother "hey, I'm selling everything, denying myself, and taking up my cross" that you would receive encouragement. Nope. Literally every individual BUT soul has turned it around and been offended, saying something like "oh, so you're saying that I'm not living for Christ because I have a normal job" or something along those presumptuous lines. I'm saying this now, because it feels wrong to just say 'hey I'm taking a break' when in reality I'm actually selling my PC and dumping every possible distraction. I still like maps, I still like Halo, but I regret that I ever took it so seriously and let it become what it is. Like, I actually have design theory videos of me talking lmao, as if the world needs to hear westin. I can't even believe it. Makes me cringe.
  8. lol the downvote love you chron gonna take a break and pursue a ministry
  9. I'm really not that good at making maps, I've just forced this thing for like 10 years straight and I think it's about time to move on. Not fishing for compliments, don't feel the need to reply
  10. After all of the discussions we've had, do you really think I'm defensive and don't listen? I am completely dumbfounded that you are again telling me something that you have never once said to me in party chat, even within the countless hours of talking on this very subject we've shared. We're in parties literally all the time, so I ask, why do you feel the need to be so confrontational in text and publicly diagnose me? "I've never understood intentionally making what should geometrically be a clamber, not a clamber (or rather sometimes not one)." Yeah, you can't clamber the windows in US, and that's on purpose... but I have NEVER said it my intention to have it sometimes work, and sometimes not work. Do you really think me so silly as to intentionally have it randomly work? After all I've said against randomness, and again, all the discussions we've had? So I ask, why are you assuming something so ridiculous? Oh, and I've also never said that clamber being a bad mechanic is a good reason to make it inconsistent. I can't even believe you think that I would say that. All in all, I agree that it's not optimal to have one spot not be clamber-able, but here's my defense. 1. The spot in question is a 45 degree angle meeting a shear wall, with nothing protruding from the angle, which should at least put it in ones mind that you shouldn't rely on the clamber, seeing as many other spots in H5 with similar geometry can't be clambered. 2. Players need only play the map once or twice to understand it. 3. If it's not consistent, it's not on purpose. I've even loaded the map up with other forgers trying my best to standardize what you can/can't clamber. Alright, I am entirely and completely exhausted of defending myself from your text posts and then hearing a completely different person in chat. I'm not replying or reacting to you on forums ever again.
  11. No, that's okay. Same thing happened on With Love. Some people think they see a setup but I just have to trust myself, trust the geometry, and disagree, because I designed it and know it's not viable to stay still all things being equal. Also... we're still at the stage where people are confused about where basic pathways lead, so I don't really care that people don't move like I do yet. AND it's not like I care to have people move all the time and never stop. That's not the point of the map. Slow discernment and drawn out battles are fine, even fitting for classically "good" Halo gameplay, just as long as one can make advances on their opponent and have their small decisions eventually lead to a sure thing. A kill, wipe, or weapon. It's happening with jumps too, people fall off the map and blame the map and tell me to change it, and I just KNOW that the jumps aren't that hard (as if hard jumps are even a bad thing in the first place). It also helps that I spectated Box once and saw him make all the jumps with ease. He's a great player so not everyone will learn as fast, but seeing that is how I know it's possible to make the jumps with practice and in combat. It's probably bad to FORCE jumps like that and have them as primary pathing, and so I changed the map, but I really had to dig through the feedback to come to that conclusion. I say all of that to say this...