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  1. I’ve been calling Sekiro guitar hero for a while now. It’s really the same game, but I’m matching my inputs to the visual of sword swings instead of notes flying at me lmao Edit: Oh my b, an execution plays at the end of sekiro’s songs 😂
  2. I agree @Soldat Du Christthat there are objective principles fundamental enough to be considered in any player count, game, or even design, but that’s not what I’m after. Like, should I make doors wider? Stuff like that. It’s easy enough to talk in nebulous terms, trust me, I would know. It’s a different thing to conceive of and apply design solutions. And while I’ll never stop thinking about principles, they are only useful to inform and drive actual design decisions, and I was wondering if anyone had any specific advice in that area. Btw, I don’t think it’s possible to operate outside of objective principles, so I don’t even care if the person completely disagrees with my philosophies, because what they’ve learned will still likely be useful, as they themselves can’t escape from reality, and will have naturally dealt with reality in their decisions, whether they agree with that realities existence or not🥰
  3. I definitely understand the fantasy of btb, so I was looking for a more principled approach. Key differences/paradigm shifts that come with more players, problems that arise with huge spaces, etc. It’s all seeming unexplored, and I’d even say the same for 4v4. We could talk all day long about what makes an inherently good 2v2 experience, but the most I’ve deduced from those who make 4v4 and btb maps is a cinematic image
  4. @SaltyKoalaBear If you could help me, what do you find most principally important when designing a btb map for Halo?
  5. No, I’ve played it 3 times before this, and ds1 4 times. Starting to really see the differences.
  6. I won’t take this any further considering what chunk said On another note, DS3 is spammy and frustrating compared to DS1. I don’t think it’s because of difficulty, but how that difficulty is implemented. It’s still great compared to everything else out there. But, I’m glad I played DS3 first, because I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much if I had DS1 experience going in The level design is cool in a few spots, but it’s largely a straight line. The only really choice so far has been between doing the chapel or farron keep. I chose the chapel and then realized that it’s a dead end, so you must do farron keep after that. I don’t remember everything about the latter half of the game. Hopefully it opens up.
  7. Probably not, because it’s not mind altering nor useful in a pagan ritual. The text is pretty clear given it’s context. I can already see it coming, “but it alters the mind!!!”. You know what I mean, it’s not sorcery. Eating food releases dopamine. That’s not the point. It’s not a trip. I’ve found that these things, in practice, are always incredibly easy to discern. Christians don’t live by technicality as if that can save us. We obey joyfully out of thanksgiving, and if you’re that eager to skirt the line, you’re missing the point.
  8. Coffee is not psychoactive, and no I don’t usually drink it Even if I did, even if I’ve done 10 million hits of LSD, it wouldn’t effect what I believe right now. I’m a sinner, and my disobedience can’t disprove whether or not a command is clearly stated or good
  9. Yikes, I was kidding, and anyone who knows me (all of you) should’ve been able to tell😅 A for what I actually think... multiple times in scripture the word ‘sorcery’ is listed among other sins. Paul especially liked to create big lists, and this word is always there. The word is translated from the Greek word pharmakeia, from which we English speakers derived pharmacy. In context, the epistles aren’t talking about some vague form of magic or whatever, but the use of mind altering drugs. (Not medicine) And we know that, because at that time, certain churches were absolutely surrounded by occultism wherein people used hallucinogenics and alcohol to induce “religious” experience, hence the letters containing explicit directions. I will say, I’m definitely interested in anything that would make me more creative. That sounds amazing to be honest, but I’ve been commanded not to partake. Plus, I think it’s reasonable to assume that anything that has the power to alter my person to that extreme could have other effects. Even if you aren’t a Christian, I suspect it could be very unwise to delve into. PS: I made more maps visible
  10. people who are against weed are just fooled by the influence of big paper, which spends trillions to silence studies that prove hemp can replace computer paper It’s a whole thing, and only I know about it. That’s how deep this one goes.
  11. I’ll be uploading a lot more. Didn’t feel like digging through any more files last night.
  12. Right, and if anyone wants me to explain what I was planning for these files, I’d be happy to
  13. At this point it’s safe to assume that I won’t be making any new maps for H5, and Just for you guys, I’m gonna make all of my working files public. Every map will be labeled with FP (forge project), followed by a number as I release them. So for example, “Legacy FP1” should now be visible. Certain people will have seen a few of these maps, but some will be entirely new. Oh, and feel free to take it and finish it/use it. That goes for anyone. Huh... It felt odd to type that. Come infinite, Halo 5 will have occupied a little less than a quarter of my life, and the majority of my adult life. I was an entirely different person 5 years ago, but at the same time, it feels like yesterday we were playing the beta. A lot has happened, I’ve met great people, both online and in person, and learned a thing or two. Someday, when I have a PC again, I’d like to make an ode to H5, a documentary of sorts, titled “The best worst game ever made” or something like that, a title that likely gives you a hint as to how I think about the game. Objectively, yeah, it sucked, although *ahem* subjectively, as a person, it was a great 5 years, and I’m... grateful? I’ll definitely forge in the next game, although I’ll never be as active as I once was. Funny that, as soon as I become tolerable I’ll have stopped posting.