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  1. The newl posts (columns) are notched to fit snugly into whatever shape the drywall calls for. It's not actually a solid post with everything built around it, but the opposite. Trim is overlayed after so that's not part of the equation, just cut the posts to match the shapes of the drywall and install it. Stuff like this can also come in prefinished pieces, so in a new home it just needs to be notched and installed and that's it. In our case everything has to be cut in by hand with a brush.
  2. @JB_ Not sure exactly what you are asking, but we didn't build any of this, we just refinished everything. The brown/white is our work
  3. Yeah I think Christan said that he realized that these devs don't really check anything you say, so you could just lie like crazy to get in also half of the people with jobs just had a friend get them in, there's a loooooooooooooot of nepotism going on
  4. Oh, actually I think he did Haven't seen tylers stuff yet though. While I know a giant studio would never let him do what he wants I still think we should expect a little more from him lol
  5. They likely wanted to show the oldest maps since they would naturally be the most "complete" but I expect a bump in quality when we see Tylers stuff But yeah these maps would be on the generic end even if they were in a cod game
  6. https://imgur.com/a/KZX1LdB heres some of that work stuff I promised a while ago, details are in the post
  7. I'm glad they're toning things back. Looks like the most playable Halo game in years by far, and should be a good platform for this community But, since they did tone things back, I would've expected a lot more from the game. The things I'm missing are along the lines of like... vehicle boarding from H1 to 2, or like the elephant and sandtrap in Halo 3. The beauty of simplicity in Halo is that you can add large scale sandbox additions and balance them with ease. Supplementary systems, unique maps, weapons, vehicles, gametypes, it's all fair game. Only thing "new" we see in infinite is equipment, which isn't really new, while the individual abilities look obnoxious. Sensor dart is just promethean vision you have more control over, lol. The problem with equipment was never the idea, but instead how the pickups were designed, and this go around they seem much more offensive than they ever were in H3. Equipment in that game is already kinda controversial, so I predict that we'll all eventually hate wallhacks and genji deflect once we get past the honeymoon phase and the free-kill dopamine hits they give us on launch week And whetever else they may do right, unfortunately, if the game halo 5 magnetism without Halo 5 movement, it will play itself and die (H2A). If it Has Halo 5 aiming, same thing
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