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  1. I think we all really appreciate how you make douchey posts like this, and then try to protect yourself with "lmao this is just a troll im such a trol LOL trollface xd🧈🧈🧈" You're afraid to actually say what you think, you always have been, and the only time you ever did came with a mental breakdown and a promise to stop posting. You aren't funny, your maps suck, and you didnt make storm peaks. in before you actually take this seriously lmao get godded
  2. It doesn't matter that words change. We're not time travelers having arguments with people from the 1600s. We're talking to eachother, right now, in 2021. What really matters is that in any given moment, words can be (and usually are) agreed upon, with objective definitions as to be able to communicate. And if they aren't, you just define them real fast for eachother and continue. Otherwise, we would just never be able to get points across. I understand your post, and you understand this one, which means that words are working well as they should, as tools that mirror reality. So, unless you're willing to say that reality itself is in flux - this isn't a strong argument. And yes, words can mean different things depending on connotation and context, but this is where more words come in, especially ones directly compared to reality. That's why Jesus taught in parables, there's nothing more understandable than separating wheat and chaff to someone who's a farmer, or a pearl of great price being worth all a mans posessions to anyone who understands value as an idea (so everyone) and so on. It's not an infinite cycle of guessing what people mean. If that were really true, if you really believed that, then you wouldn't be using words to try and convince us of something you think is objectively true about how words work.
  3. Yeah it's all about sex. From the theology to theonomy. Several wives, eternal sex, etc. Truly a religion made by men, for men, as you can see
  4. What's most important than any of that is being a member of a local body. I disagree with a lot of my churches doctrinal statement but I don't think it matters as long as it's a true church and isn't heretical, which means a group of believers who conduct worship and fellowship according to the word, which includes the sacraments and church discipline. I would say just be careful, taking a stand against denominationalism may seem good but if it keeps you out of a church it's making the enemy very happy because we were commanded to meet and contribute according to our spiritual gifts. If we confess the lordship of Jesus then we should participate in his body.
  5. Wow, now that's one I've never heard of. Ephesians 2 alone should be enough to disprove that nonsense. And yes, most religions feed into carnal desires. During the time of the reformation, if you gave information about protestant "heretics" or even if you just brought some wood from your house to public executions, the papacy would give you a free pass to sin for a certain amount of time, like a week. A lot of this is sexually driven, like 72 virgins or a state of eternal sex in mormonism
  6. Interesting read, thanks for sharing man. Glad the divinity of Jesus is what alerted you. I've personally studied the church of Rome and their teachings as a result of being interested in the reformation, and while catholics hold to the divinity of Jesus, they still fundamentally attack His person by declaring that His atonement was not enough to be saved, and that by works we are justified. Not to mention the papacy, the ascension of Mary, the sacramental traditions, and other doctrines which exalt men. Doctrine can be incredibly simple, or incredibly complex, and the true dividing line is between submission and pride. Either you read the word to live the word, or you wield it for another purpose. That's it. The refomation was built on Sola Scriptura, the belief that scripture alone is sufficient, and the men like William Tyndale who were martyred for opposing the papacy had one major goal, that everyone would have access to the scriptures, a luxury at that time restricted by the church to only those they deemed worthy. This is a common practice among heretics, and likely stems from the same reason why the curriculum you participated in under the watchtower is so scripted, rigorous, and consistent. The worst enemy of the false prophet is any-ole everyday Christian who actually knows his or her Bible, so they either prevent it by force, or indocrinate until the perspicuity of scripture can no longer ring true in your mind.
  7. I agree with that last part to an extent, obviously games can be bio-feedback machines and nothing more, but so can anything else. You can treat other people as tinder just sex objects, or actually try for a real relationship. All depends on your goals when dating, and likewise, your goals when making a game. So many of us report that our first, second, and even third tries of games like Dark Souls left us wanting more and the game didn't seem appealing until we forced it. Could be the reason is how call-of-dutyized we are when it comes to what we're used to. After all, Call of Duty 19 Black Ops 4 Cold War isn't much more than cookie clicker with gun models.... Like those weirdos on youtube who only eat macaroni and gag at the thought of any other food, we are prisoners in a warped mind as a result of never being presented with better food and being coddled by lazy parents (bad devs) when we insisted as children on macaroni and nothing else.
  8. Money > well being of consumer base Well being of consumer base ≠ money (because we are idiots who keep buying Halo regardless) Therefore, it's totally okay from the business perspective to lie about how it will perform so the millions who don't buy new consoles can still give them money, because remember... m o n e y > e v e r y t h i n g
  9. That's a really cool atmosphere. Makes me want to play it. I hope other parts of the map are outdoors like that
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