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  1. Yeah, no. There's only one bedroom, in the highest room at that. Fuck the guests, you're a multi-millionaire.
  2. An IGN video doesn't do it justice. I found this hidden gem on YT a few weeks ago with just a few thousand views, which directly inspired me to start a puzzle map around the game: 1:20 hours, but fully worth it. Design-wise aswell.
  3. My newest puzzle map ICO I'm working on, inspired by, yes, you guessed it, ICO. One player with stronger traits plays as the Guardian trying to save the Princess and get her out of the castle, the other player with weaker traits, but magical powers, plays as the Princess.
  4. Noice. I don't understand that question. Both of my eyes are equal factors to my vision. Otherwise, I would have to have a contact lense in one or the other.
  5. That's exactly, why I prefer the first one, as such a destroyed, vast world does not look positive to me. In the second one, you have a diagonal line of the rock (bottom left to top right) forming a positive meaning in the western world (as you said: natural reading direction), which contradicts the general desctruction you see. Additionally, the brightest light is coming from the top left diagonally downwards to the right, which has, speaking of the form, a negative meaning. This contradicts itself with bright light generally being associated with hope and so on. Now, if we go to the first picture, the rock line is a negative form, and the light is coming from the top right, which is a positive form. The negative and positive forms in the first picture play together very well and construct a more believable picture according to what you actually see (desctruction, death, emptiness, etc.). Which is the original art piece, @SaltyKoalaBear? You didn't play the old version, did you?
  6. An anthill has way smaller holes in it, so that the colony is able to control the climate inside in a profound way with certain tunnels leading compost air out of the hill and certain other ones bringing air in. I think you didn't transfer that aspect really well.
  7. Most important thing, like with all games nowadays, is to not pre-order or buy in the first week/two weeks. Unfortunately, people like Box do exactly that. Afterwards, developers/publishers don't learn from their mistakes, as they got all the money and think their stuff is sick. It's a cycle only interrupted by consumers (or less likely: senseful, logical and profound people in power positions). As long as they don't get the sense from the consumer base as in less money coming in, I'd suggest, most of the time nothing changes, or not much...
  8. Yoo, haven't read it anywhere in the last pages, but they immediately took back their plans for Gold. Stays the same and free-to-play games don't require Gold.
  9. Objective feedback first: There are grammar mistakes, I found around five after quickly looking through the content. Wouldn't look professional to a scout, as it would seem like you didn't put effort into your portfolio Readability is lacking for some parts because of the white contour used (e.g. Tribunal, Cepheus), which makes it more difficult to read without struggle - I'd suggest highering the contrast, so the attention span of the reader is elongated At first glance, someone with no knowledge of Halo 5 or its editor doesn't know, what you are designing for. Is it single player or multiplayer? Etc. I would cut the short descriptions, which don't stay in the head anyway, and change them out with hard facts like "4v4 Slayer" or something along the line, so the reader consumes as little time as possible to get an overall sense When hovering over the maps I saw colour inconsistencies, which can easily be fixed. I just wanted to mention that on the side For business-emails it is best to only include your actual ser- and forename, not something "unserious" or not fitting. Pardon me, if "Soldat" is your middle name, however I wouldn't think so. Having literally "Soldier" in your name could seem aggressive or offensive towards people (you never know what offends people, so I would always go the save route in that case) Now, fonts have meaning behind them, they are a pretty important factor of how to convey feelings and sense. Your palette of fonts for the eye catching map names is rather small or the same looking, however that is not a problem. What I would do is associating the map names, as in their actual name (like Bastion: it's a castle, strong and fortified), with the right font types, so you get a greater impression from the reader. To stay at that example with Last Bastion, I would say that a more grounded, bold font would be more suited for that type of name. As for the original font you used, I would take that to Victorian, as that fits the style of the 1830s perfectly instead of the simplistic, straight font you currently use. As you can see, there are a lot of layers for fonts and it is important to have a cohesive font language/design that fits a certain type of media. Overally, good for your first portfolio. Keep at it and you have yourself a great advertisement. Your design documentaries are a highlight, as they can give the reader a lot of information about your thought process and design experience.
  10. What better use of the downvote button than for such a one-liner, as if what you stated was an undeniable fact. Again, the algorithm back then fed you with misinformation, unfortunately, and it most likely still does. We all discussed the dilemma back then on Forgehub, let's leave it at that. Better stay on the side of facts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizzagate_conspiracy_theory
  11. It's tragic, really. People like the Flat Earthers got dragged into such a deep rabbit hole, there's almost no way back. Problem is, something like the Flat Earth Theory is a rather harmless example of fake information spread by social media, while things like #pizzagate (5 years ago?) or the recent "Bill Gates creating Corona" or "Stop the Count" can cause serious harm and/or division in our society. It's the power of social media in these days and it's only getting worse. Maybe some of you have already seen it, I highly recommend you Social Dilemma on Netflix.
  12. Two more core levels I transformed into jumping experiences; these ones are drastically different from their original counterparts regarding tone and feel: Pyromancy (Originally 'Alchemy' by LargerFiend): Stop the magical fire from spreading! (An experiment at this wizard school went horribly wrong...) Frosthold (Originally 'Storm Peaks' by @Westin aka xXandrith): Reach the peak of Mount Zirakzigil... Out of all the transformations until now, this is the best one. The 3-tower structure was perfect for implementing intertwining routes at different heights between the towers and making the two checkpoints you unlock throughout the level make sense in a way that was unfound on the other tranformations. Really happy about the result, that is also why I put a little bit more effort into lighting and atmosphere than for the other ones. Last but not least, among my biggest project I don't want to reveal yet I'm working on a campaign mission in which you chase down a group of aliens in a ship that is in possession of a remote control maneuvering an array of anti air batteries against the UNSC. You managed to damage their ship, but had to make a forced landing yourself. Stranded, you make your way through an unknown jungle terrain...
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