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    I have to make a similiar column for El Bronco, thanks a lot for the inspiration.
  2. Has anyone seen this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCBgO6St9ug It's crazy how far games have come. Almost like real life footage. On a side note, it's probably the next biggest level with such detail richness out there. Actually, I'm not into flight simulators at all, let alone simulators in general, but this game? Damn, I might just pick it up because of the views. Did I talk about the realistic looking dynamic weather?
  3. What I'm working on: El Bronco Theme: "Wild West town" destroyed due to a seism and landslides CoForge with @Box_Hoes (lighting not generated; nova effect atm for better visibility)
  4. ? I would like to see this. From your message I simply tried to form a concept, but probably didn't understand it properly? Please share your thoughts.
  5. I fully agree with this point. Either we go the letter-only route (as in the logo consisting of letters) or not include letters at all. Both put together often ends up looking overloaded and needlessly complicated.
  6. Hey, I've tried to give feedback and suggestions as unbiased and neutral as possible in order to get the best outcome possible. I politely voiced my concerns about the pyramid and would like to add that unfortunately the current version does not hold enough identity and recognition value in my opinion. Whereas there are arguably questionable connections to level design with the forge symbol, I see even less features with the pyramid. Yes, the structure seen from the side resembles a continuous process and therefore evolution. Though, in the structure seen from above iteration and even evolution, to me, are not existent. Please do not bring up emotional bias; it backfires and lets you look like you're emotionally biased to bring it up in the first place. In Design, everyone inevitably is emotionally invested to some extent, as things like life experiences, culture, intellect and more all play into it. It's personal. Anyway, due to @no god anywhere and @purely fat's comments following @MultiLockOn's drafts, I've made some more scetches (which only try to convey the concept): Did you mean something like this (explanation in the right upper corner)? I quickly searched for the Oroboros concept. Am I right that it's like the ring of Barahir Aragorn is wearing in LotR? An eventual idea would be to represent two cycles of a design process, where at the stage of the most brilliant form it goes back to the most basic one. Everything could be connected by a ring.
  7. I agree with @Westin here, as in, it doesn't really show an evolution or iteration. I understood Multi's idea like this and I meant my own post more like this: [Whipped this up in two minutes, God, no Adobe feels bad. ] What would you guys think of something like this?
  8. I respect your stance and understand it better now, and I agree with it looking really cool. It has something archaic and simple about it, yet I still can't agree with it being used for as a logo for this website because of the reasons noted above. Whereas, your second paragraph immediately initiated a lot of thought processes in my mind. Thank you for sharing that idea, I think, it's something we could really build on. After reading your idea, funnily, I thought of this, which thematically is almost the same: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bMoHIllZOc Just brainstorming here: a line a 2D-square a 3D-square Maybe a polygonal shape with differnt colours in each pologon? What do the others think of Multi's idea? I think, evolution and iteration are two terms we could focus on, any thoughts?
  9. I've got nothing against the shape of the symbol itself, it's just like all the others when you type in "forge symbol" in Google. I'm against the idea behind it and don't agree with it representing level design. Let me try to continue your train of thought really quickly: You think just because the traditional forge symbol stands for a "process of artistic creation" it connects to level design as a whole? Then you must be ok with it, if we put a tailor symbol instead of it, right? Or a mason symbol? Painter? We've got a lot of symbols representing the process of creation and none of them really hit the topic level design from an objective and unknowledgeable (regarding Forge) standpoint. I'm trying to approach this topic as an outsider, that's usually the best way to get to the best outcome. Back to the logo. Let me list the possibilities: The logo is a play on the font and name itself - e.g. one idea being the merging of the three beginning letters of each word The logo symbolizes something, which is part of the company/processes/actions In this case it could be a blockout type of vector art, which shows a part of the preliminary design phase (Top down view of the level comes to mind) It could be a creative looking symbol containing a lot of colours representing the art portion of level design (You could go really crazy here and make something unique) ... Do you have any more ideas? The logo symbolizes the name of the company itself Apple > Logo is an apple Not really possible in our case
  10. Nilid?? What's that? I'm caricaturing here, however it's always best to expect the worst from a first viewer's perspective. Remove the bars, exchange the darker grey from the L with the orange and therefore increase readability. Ambiguity can actually be a good theme for a logo, but this is not the case here. I don't get why you're holding on to the anvil and hammer, do I have to be more clear or what's the matter? This website is not intended for Halo Forgers only, but for the entirety of level designers/designers out there. This forge symbol does not represent level design in the slightest (there could be made a farfetched metaphor connecting it with parts of the design process, OK). As long as you want to connect that symbol with this website it is never going to really break out of the Forge box. That's my point of view.
  11. When scrolling through the WAYWO I couldn't ignore the fact that every quoted message is fully displayed and therefore taking up a lot of space. Due to the usually long and elaborate posts and discussions we are seeing, I think, making the quotes small but enlargable would be a better solution. That way, it also doesn't take as long to get through each page. Maybe a rule set could be introduced? If the quoted text is longer than 5 (just an example; could be 10) lines of text, the quote box gets shortened. The enlargement feature would avoid confusion as to what a person specifially quoted (as they can always enlarge and see the exact quote). EDIT: I was just looking through our gallery and wanted to comment on some stuff, but was not able to. Would that be possible to implement? Like a small chat box on the right side of the picture (after clicking on it), so people could shortly discuss a picture?
  12. I think, @no god anywhere and @a Chunk, you both already have the basic concept with the NLD fused together. At that moment of the design phase, I wouldn't try to think too complicated and make yourself crazy. Basically, in most cases it's best to keep it simple and minimalistic. I've gone through this kind of logo/brand designing a lot due to my study path. What I think you have to do now is find the right font to do the fusion with and the right font for the written-out "company name". Everything else presents itself. Something such as simple as the following could be the solutions for a T-Shirt: NLD Next Level Design Or, if you want to put more emphasis on the connection of the coloured L and Level and make it more obvious to people: NLD Next Level Design Things like un-/capitalization could be played with: NLD next level design NLD nextleveldesign Or: NLD NextLevelDesign NLD NextLevelDesign Although these examples being just slightly different, every single one of them has got a different effect on you. Changes in a brand/logo design should always be minimal once you have the basic concept at hand. Frankly, fusing the capital letters of a long word is not a perfect solution. However, in this case, I think it's one of the better solutions, as there's not really a way to literally connect the name with the logo (something as great and unique as Apple is not possible for every kind of company name), unfortunately. I think, you get what I'm saying by that. A sketch of a person thinking about the next design is not really doable and scalable for example. That is why the emphasis on the beginning letters and especially the accentuation of the L could be enough to make a recognizable logo. It's simply a matter of how well it is done. I wouldn't be a fan of objectifying the word nextleveldesign into a logo such as the anvil, which does not properly represent and translate the "company name". Talking about the accentuation, one of the most important things we have to determine: Colour. In both of your examples you used orange as accentuation. To me, this is a very good choice, as this website's theme primarily is about creativity and sozialising (forum with like-minded people). Those are the exact themes orange stands for. It's a strong colour. If I had to pick a colour code, I would choose something between dark orange (255,140,0) and orange red (255,69,0), as dark orange is a little bit too light and orange red a little bit too much favoured towards red. I would go for something like (255,120,0). However, if we don't choose orange as base colour, then I would go for a slightly darker blue, e.g. (0,55,110). Blue is a creative colour, too. Additionally, it is understood as serious and trustworthy. Not as good as orange, but it could still work. I would do some stuff, too, if I was currently subscribed to Adobe. It's not worth it at the moment. Nonetheless, I still wanted to give you my observation hoping this process goes forward in an organized and serial manner.
  13. Is see a rectengular stone bar beneath the placeholder, eventually you could stick it out a little bit and have it as a thin walkway. That way you save pieces and incorporate the building's structure naturally into the design in that specific spot. The wooden steps could be part of a small restoration scaffolding, just have to look more artificial and supported, not stuck to the wall. What I don't get is you changing the form of the door frame. It looks like a sacral building, which is often heavily built with symmetry in mind. Do you have a reason for that different door frame. IF I made that different form, then it would be much smaller, a door for humans to pass through. Right now, it looks like it's made for giants. If it is possible, I would like to see three camera shots basically looking at the level from the outside, that way the whole picture can be grasped better. The level being on Glacier should have been obvious, now that I look at the lighting rays again. Those only look like that on Glacier. Do you have any plans for surroundings? No need to mention it being a WIP again, that is why I'm replying in the first place; to give feedback and help making your product the best it can be. ^^ I'll stop immediately, if you want me to.