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  1. A weapon that is good for cleaning up kills but is generally outclassed by the rest of the sandbox is not a Utility Weapon. That type of cleanup weapon falls in line with the traditional definition of a Sidearm, a close range pistol that you switch to when your primary machine gun needs to be reloaded. Halo flips this pistol/rifle relationship on its head. The semi auto Magnum pistol is the powerful primary while the AR, a machine gun, is the weaker cleanup secondary. If reducing the number of redundant precision weapons is the goal, making the human sidearm a true utility weapon would be a great first step in concentrating all utilitarian weapons into one master utility weapon. If players cannot defend themselves off spawn, due to their spawn weapon being significantly less effective than pick-up weapons, the outcome of the match will be largely decided by who secures those pick-up weapons first then abuses those weapons’ range advantages against the enemies’ scopeless spawn weapon. Smaller maps with lower player counts do not benefit from the placement of top tier power weapons like 4v4 and up do. The “power weapons” on a 1v1/2v2 map need to be more nuanced (as to not create boring gameplay from OP power weapons). Are there any unique weapon designs that you feel could only really shine in smaller player count matches?
  2. Yes, there could be something to a poison/antidote mechanic. Thanks for this take. Why no scope on the utility? The ramifications of this mechanical change would ripple throughout the sandbox’s design. If Spartans have a Magnum as their undroppable third weapon, what would Elites carry? Do all Elites have an undroppable third weapon or just high ranking ones? A Magnum can be reloaded but a battery-operated weapon cannot. What use is an undroppable third weapon with 0% battery?
  3. A concept I have been exploring is damaging health underneath the shield layer. One method of accomplishing this phenomenon is through Impalement. Once the target has been skewered, his shields can recharge but his underlying health will drain to nothing over the next 15 seconds. Since the target knows his death is inevitable, he is encouraging to fight, go out in a blaze of glory. Compared to an attack that forces the target to retreat to a health pack, I prefer the aggro version. We are trying promote conflict between players, right? Isn’t the entire point of recharging shields to prevent exactly the situation you are trying to create here, where players are forced to retreat because the situation is unwinnable without a health pack? What do you think the ideal killtime for the competitive utility weapon is?
  4. I am not a fan of disabling base player abilities, especially one as important as shield recharge through something as trivial as a weapon attack (ie not some big Map Event that knocks everyone’s shields off for a minute). Shield Recharge Delay is a reliable constant that players can base their actions off of, not something that should be modified willy nilly. Player actions are what should feel random, not core mechanics. Do you think Halo should feature Healthpacks in general? I see them as an unnecessary hinderance. I know they influence player movement which is good but I feel like they do it for the wrong reasons. If I am going for a pick-up, I want to gain new abilities, new attacks, not just recover the health I spawned with.
  5. So, functionally identical to the existing Sniper Rifle? If the game was going to feature a weapon with bouncing projectiles, don’t you think something along the lines of the Pro Pipe would be a better implementation? If it behaves just like the Plasma Launcher, why even bother including it? Because it looks cool?
  6. In Halo, weapons need to carve out distinct niches for themselves. For example, the Fuel Rod Cannon is too similar to the Rocket Launcher to be a worthwhile addition to the sandbox. Unlike the FRC/RL, the Plasma Launcher’s variable charge then corresponding fire allows for scalable attacks. Vehicles require many stickies to destroy while infantry only need one and this weapon can do both. With that being said, what does this Needle Cannon offer in terms of unique, desirable gameplay?
  7. Cryptic. I wish I could become part of the in-group that understands your obscure references.
  8. How would you feel about Chief gaining new attacks by defeating mini-bosses in an open-world campaign? Sidearms are a sub-class of weapons that do not count toward the player’s two-weapon limit. Holding Y for a moment equips the selected sidearm. Right on the D-pad cycles through the available sidearms. Four weapons are classified as sidearms: the Magnum, Energy Sword, SAW, and Power Band. Each provides a different kind of attack. The Magnum is a utility weapon (4sk@0.9s, 2x scope, 12 round magazine). It is a general purpose weapon that is decent in most situations. (Armor Enhancements are another class of item that I won’t get into now but suffice to say, Chief eventually acquires a “Bandolier” that feeds directly into the Magnum’s magazine well, removing the need to reload the weapon, giving the human sidearm a “bottomless clip”). The Energy Sword causes the player to Lunge at a proximate enemy, killing the target in one hit. In addition to its primary attack, the sword also has a secondary and tertiary ability: Speedboost and Thermal Scan (reveals recent enemy footprints). The combination of these three abilities allow the user to hunt enemy infantry; tracking, finding, killing. The SAW is a deployable vehicle-hunter vehicle operated via remote control. Once deployed onto the map, the spiked-wheel perpetually rolls forward, splattering infantry and vehicles alike. Impacting a wall does not stop this mayhem machine, it rolls right up that wall without missing a beat, climbing the vertical surface as if the effects of gravity didn’t apply to it. Prior to the SAW’s deployment, Wall Crawl can be activated, allowing the user to ride up and around on a vertical surface (eg attach to the outer structure of the enemy base, steer the weapon’s default vertical pull into a horizontal ride, travel around the stronghold’s curved outer wall to the unguarded back window that overhangs a cliff, enter the otherwise-inaccessible ingress and sneak attack the enemy). The Magnum is the Utility Weapon, the Sword is the Infantry Hunter, and the SAW is the Vehicle Hunter but what is the Promethean Sidearm? The Power Band is the Environment Manipulator. It can pick up, drop, carry, rotate, and launch a moveable object forward. Different objects have different projectile traits. Where a fusion coil explodes, a spear-like object impales, slowly draining the health of a target until he bleeds out and dies. Crates can not be launched very far or fast but they can be carried and placed, creating jump-ups or blocking doorways. What are your thoughts on the concept of Sidearms, a third weapon that can be equipped by holding Y? How do you feel about this specific selection of sidearms and their respective abilities?
  9. Halo 5 gave Spartans many new movement abilities outside of the standard run, jump, and crouch. What would Halo have looked like if Spartans were given additional attack vectors, outside of the standard gun, grenade, and melee, instead?
  10. Did it ever become possible to play a custom game without it crashing and disbanding the party? Regarding mythic, so you took away all the movement abilities but left the H5 levels of aim assist the same? Sounds fun.
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