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  1. How segmented should the sandbox be? Every attack/ability is a discrete pick-up or each pick-up is effectively a self-contained loadout?
  2. What do you think about this aim buff for crouching? Should players be allowed to trade movement for attack? Decrease the efficiency of one to increase the efficiency of the other?
  3. I played WaW zombies a lot. One change I would have made is that zombies randomly drop a unique pick-up, only after a certain round, only in a certain room, and only once the previous unique pick-up has been acquired. This encourages players not to open each door until they have that area’s unique pick-up because that is the easiest time to get them (put another way, going back to the original room to slay for extended periods is a dangerous gamble once a bunch of doors are open). Once all unique pick-ups have been acquired, some reward or game state change could occur. They are parts to a machine that you fix or some gadget that you build. I’m out of vodka…I mean ideas.
  4. @FatkidForger A weapon whose projectiles both knockback and briefly phase shift the target could knock enemies through walls. It could be a decent FPS translation of the Wallmaster mechanic; puts the power in the player’s hands. Or, elastic walls that stretch and deform from various forces could be paired with a regular knockback weapon that moves targets with enough force to push them through these semi-permeable membranes. What other ways could the environment react to unique stimuli? My Gravity Hammer can pull a nearby objective to the weapon. If the user positions himself so an elastic membrane is between him and the objective before pulling, should he be be able to launch it forward like a water balloon?
  5. Are there any other map-interactive mechanics you are fond of? Are these potential interactivities limited to the player or do they extend to projectiles as well? How can players and projectiles interact with the map?
  6. The dragging mechanics are interesting but aren’t specifically what I like here. What I like about the Wallmaster is the invisible influence he exerts over the map. Anytime you’re near the perimeter, the threat of being snatched up looms over your head. Wallmaster takes something mundane, the wall, and makes it scary. I like that. It’s like the psycho shower scene; sometimes the unseen is scariest because it lets the imagination run wild.
  7. The Lux Perpetua Threshold could add a sense of time, progression, and strategy to gameplay. Attacks fill a meter (all attacks, from any player, all fill the same meter). Once full, something happens (map transforms in some way). Individual battles are unaffected but now players can plan and strategize in a longer term manner ie setup for the upcoming transformation or whatever.
  8. The original iteration of Zelda’s Wallmaster was interesting, turning the room’s perimeter into a splash zone.
  9. How great would it be if 343 stopped making Halo games and just worked on user friendly development tools like forge so we can make Halo games?
  10. You could show Banished Brutes using the Gravity Hammer to flatten giant rivets on their ship’s hull. Give them a Chewy repairing the Millennium Falcon vibe and the hammer a lore purpose outside of combat. Inspiration:
  11. The floor of each team’s base is a giant scale. When the weight of four players is on the scale, a neutral power item spawns. Off initial player spawns, one team causes Rocks to drop, the other OS. Spawn traps are rewarded because the controlling team uses the weight of the enemy players to spawn then secure the power items.
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