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  1. I was more referring to dynamic item spawns being indicated by an independent object. For example, a whomping willow contorts to point toward the tower that the next item will spawn in.
  2. Super Paper Mario allows the player to toggle from a 2D side scroller to a 3D perspective, revealing a hidden dimension. Otherwise impossible feats can be accomplished via this new outlook on life. Can a native 3D game achieve a similar effect, hiding depth perpendicular to reality for players to selectively tap into?
  3. The Pheromone Rifle doesn’t deal any damage directly but causes the local wildlife to attack the target.
  4. What do you think about some object that indicates when or where item/s will spawn? Teams must control sight lines on the indicator so they know what their next move should be.
  5. Here we see the forger reinforcing his in-group status via obscure reference for them to snigger at. The outsider is left wondering what point is being made.
  6. For a less functional, more aesthetic piece, a 3D clock could cycle through different shapes to signify when certain items were going to spawn. An asym with delayed initial spawns could drop weapons at one of three times and this amorphous blob tells players when.
  7. @Xzamplez Gave some more thought to your screenshot. Here’s what came from the inspiration you provided. The monument shifts between Cube and Diamond orientations. The flat-top cube acts as a jump-up, from low to high, and as a stepping stone between elevated positions (high to high). Diamond acts as three small conjoined ramps, allowing for many angled slide jumps (high to low). Where cube has straight sides and sits flat, diamond has angled sides that allow shots/grenades to pass under/around. Set back from the monument are dugouts, allowing players to look out and fire just above ground level. Cube blocks sight lines between these sunken rooms while diamond allows players to fire past its angled bottom (low to low).
  8. By orienting the cube like a diamond, you allow for ground cover without allowing players to stand on top of it? Is it also meant to create different slide jumps from different directions? @Xzamplez
  9. Do you think the mechanic would be better balanced if only the key holder could access the shortcuts?
  10. Obeying natural rules is what allows for the fantastical elements to be introduced. You’re effectively telling the player that they can’t trust any of reality’s rules to apply here (when geometry doesn’t match collision).
  11. If you want multi directional grenade bounces, use ramps. If you want uni directional grenade bounces, use stairs. I understand there are times when the rules need to be bent but you liking the stair aesthetic more isn’t one of them. Collision should be accurately reflected through geometry. When combined with a ‘drop weapon’ mechanic, stairs allow for unique attacks:
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