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  1. I believe infinite actually does allow dual input, at least it did in the first flight. I've been wanting a gaming keypad with a real analog stick for so long. The closest thing is an azeron, but it's 3D printed and like $250. I'm surprised that manufacturers aren't trying harder to make it a reality. Other gaming keypads on the market even have a stick, but it isn't analog.
  2. I'm just going to make a wild guess but I really have a feeling it'll happen. I bet within a month of the game being out, some huge streamer is going to be playing the game and having fun, then they will get screwed over by bloom and uninstall the game on stream.
  3. I can look past a good chunk of decisions, but I can't look past bloom, it's such a bad mechanic and for some reason its so heavily defended by the community. It feels like it violates the whole integrity of a game. Weapons in Halo are all projectiles wjth many rifles just being set to 1 tick, I have no idea why they're so scared of slowing the rifles down and trying projectile balancing again.
  4. I really think the intention of your creation is the most important aspect as it ends up snowballing to the rest of the project. Almost anything creative pulls some sort of inspiration, (Whether that be concrete, or something in your mind like your emotions or a dream.) I would only consider something a rip-off if the intention is clearly to outright copy something without the intention of morphing it into something new, or combining it with aspects of your creation you think it fits well with. Paying homage would be remaking something, very slightly altering an experience to your tastes, or replicating the experience WHILE GIVING CREDIT. Giving credit is the important aspect, this is the difference between paying homage, and ripping off..... It all leads back to intention, which will bleed into whatever you are making whether you like it or not. I guess a quote that comes to mind is "How you do anything, is how you do everything". If you intend to make an artstyle your own it will show, if you intend to outright copy something, it will show. I think there are exceptions to paying homage where it is acceptable to not give credit, an example would be an obvious and widely adopted theme (as long as you don't say its original).
  5. Please contact the Halo 5 forge patent office to file a complaint regarding 90° hallways with an upper bridge portion. Please allow 5-10 business days to process your request. Best Regards,
  6. I have, it tends to snowball really hard once a team establishes themselves from the games I played, but I am not 100% sure if thats due to differences in skill level or the sandbox, especially since there isn't any ranking. I was just asking if people agreed with how I felt. I was curious to know if there were aspects of the map people disliked and to see how they would think it could improve. Just trying to start a discussion and understand the way other people think.
  7. When I play on Recharge I really have fun with Infinite, but not as much on the other maps. Livefire is so darn open that I get shot 2 seconds after spawning, and Bazaar's high-ground is irritating to deal with, I feel like when I encounter someone who has high ground on the map, my only option is to die because of the lack of options. Does anyone else feel this way?
  8. This looks really cool. What if a giant was holding the map up? Not a suggestion or anything because its beautiful, I just wonder how cool it would look if someone did it. How cool would it be if the sky box was just some dumb giant showing off this cool living thing he found on the ground.
  9. It's hard not to when someone calls health packs vitality enhancements... I mean come on just search vitality enhancement on Google.
  10. I think vitality enhancement could be like blue pills scattered around the map. The blood circulation could really booth your health meter!
  11. Halo MCC new armors. Jeeze, people wonder why Halo fans are such rabid dogs. The behavior is almost encouraged by the developers because anytime a flame war isn't started they do something crazy. I don't defend everything people say to the devs, they're still human beings. But man it feels like they are asking for the fans to he assholes at this point. Maybe im overreacting, I don't mind slightly crazy armor, I just really dislike how out of place these cosmetics are.
  12. The fact I can make this is proof that Forza is a flagship. Hell, this van doesn't just appeal to just kids, id be abducted too. Id love some pizza right now.
  13. Halo's developers might bother me with their decisions, but every day I am glad I am not a diehard Sonic or Call of Duty fan.
  14. I really wish I could like spire. But the non spire half of the map is just dreadful. Spawning players at the bottom of a hill without giving them at LEAST a weaponry advantage is megamind game design. And for the spire itself, I love defending it, but oh man does it suck for attackers, its almost entirely dependent on the falcon to not be unbearable.
  15. It would be a challenge for sure, I wouldn't want too much grapple hook (Halo Infinite) or overuse of abilities because that feels like a cheap way of fixing the flaw of areas potentially being too treacherous or hard to get to. It would be a fine balance of teleporters, man cannons, and having fun ways to drive vehicles around, I would like to experiment with including a vehicle accomadating teleporters on roadways, I think it could have fun results if it doesn't feel janky . Unlike players it's kind of hard to camp a teleporter for a fast moving warthog and come on top (given your anti vehicle weapons aren't broken and shit like the splaser). There would be a lot of man cannons and teleporters, but not an utterly absurd amount. Just enough to make it so people with high ground don't absolutely STOMP on people below. I think terrain angles would be everything, id want people super high up to have to make themselves pretty vulnerable (but not a free kill) if they're trying to go after targets far below. Im just throwing ideas around, I already know 5 doesn't have the budget for it to be what id want.
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