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  1. wip combat space concept for our fps campaign game.
  2. Thats because most players wouldn't at least be able to articulate why they like something. Realistically the community should've adopted some kinda knowledge for understanding why spaces and encounters are good/bad due to macro/micro/active sandbox meta before passing judgement in the same way we have to think about them before designing. But unfortunately, there are more CincyBearcats92s in the Halo sphere than there are TheActMans.
  3. Is the project secret due to contract restraints? If you're allowed to disclose external work, even just a devlog would be nice and its helped gain a lot of support for games like Ill and Thouest Thee/Wrought Flesh.
  4. Its a fps combat space for a shooter campaign game I'm working on with a group called RubyShark. I mostly do UI but I'm taking on roles in combat design.
  5. I think that takes the stealth attribute out of the players hands and gives them little agency outside of "keep moving". People might not even use that as an aggressive tactic, more of an easy out of combat for constant toying. I get the sentiment but I'll always maintain my 80-90% constant camo bias.
  6. It's not dogging on anyone, just trying to figure out what the play coulda been seeing as it was brought up. I'm no comp kid, I wouldn't even be able to perform half the strats I observe and predict others to work with. I agree and honestly two camos is pretty silly imo just for the idea of equal starts. Though, this also relies on one team not having the ability to hold down at least one side of the map and fend off one camo guy. I don't know if in any other situation I'd say camo time was too lengthy because while yes in this match it'd be perfect for just making a quick cross however, taking out one dood with combat options before loosing camo isn't a stretch to me. Camo might be op with opacity levels but its function and length are fine imo. So is the problem with the camo itself or the use of sandbox given ld in question? I personally think theres too much going on with that map but I also think bungie wanted ppl to mess around and have fun on it too. Is there two camos in comp modes on that map?
  7. I think they listen to people a lot so long as it complies with their immediate direction but I doubt he has any agency outside of being a platform with the loudest voice.
  8. Camo be like: Honestly, its just seems like smart and logical plays on camo guy's part, he pushed the side that his team were strongest in order to slingshot him round the map to the next valid player to kill (which in this case was also the only enemy as far as we know who had identified his activity). Realistically, he made a b-Line for you choosing the most direct and stealthy option because he was already aware that you were aware of his situation and with the rest of your team pre-occupied and you now semi-distracted by giving them a hand, he played his cards right because he was forced into the power play. That is a sound strat for using a power ability and imo, the most efficient way to use camo to elevate gameplay. Had you not engaged immediately on what was a pot luck encounter, he might not have known your existence in that location or at the very least, that you knew he was running camo. But as it stands, you were the biggest threat and he was forced to take action on you. Thats where you would've had the advantage as you coulda waited him out, letting him go for someone else then spring up behind him and do to him what he did to you. We've talked about this from your perspective, but it's equally valid to discuss why a power player would kill you like he did. Is camo op, maybe? But it doesn't hinder gameplay. Its an interesting addition that shifts player perspective and engagement in a far more interesting way that power weapons or arguably os imo. Purely's right, its just a case of understanding the counter-play measures.
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