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  1. Ace, yaeh, tbh I had to watch a vid to figure out how they work cos I've never seen them in a zeldy game before. So let me reproach my harry potter reference then, kinda like the hedge maze in goblet of fire lol? Yeah so I think either wall or ceiling, my idea holds up, however, if we take it one step further, I think secret doors could be cool if you want in interaction where some gets surprised. The question would be how to successfully give it a unique addition to the meta. Obviously you could have people just walk up and it opens, but I feel like thats too plain, I do like the notion that both the receiving room occupant and merging player are both somehow forced into this conflict. I think maybe having a poltergeist you can't see that roams around. Maybe you can hear it if its close but not see it, if it catches you and you're close to a wall, it can pass you through to the adjacent room. Another thing could be a rotating wall. Ok so you have a catwalk up top, there's a window so the player can jump into the next room, but what if it rotates every so often so maybe that window becomes a doorway on the bottom floor, like the whole building has a huge grindstone in the middle, a hole in one side, so as it rotates, it creates a temporary passage between rooms throughout the level. Lots of really interesting ideas in this, I'll keep thinking on it.
  2. For sure, but then is it the dragging mechanic thats got you more interested then, like the barnacles in halflife? Because those function in a similar way. Can you get out of the Wallmaster's grip? But I think there could be a cool plant like thing, kinda like devils snare from harry potter, you can get stuck in or pulled up to and you have to move a lot to be thrown into the adjacent room instead of strangled.
  3. Its true, @icyhotspartinhonestly you're a bloody good artist and I think you'd add so much vision to a game 👌
  4. If you're being real... Depends on communication and if the player feels they're being robbed of an experience that could've ultimately been better if they had to figure out how to avoid it. BUT... I ain't against killing players for no reason to remind then they ain't shit, especially if you can catch out someone on a spree. The unfair death of a good player is true happiness. Do you have an example of one you like/dislike?
  5. Original space one of our LD's created for combat in our single player FPS campaign: Some initial concepts I created to show how I plan to elevate the arena: My latest revision on the space:
  6. Those demos are all designed in illustrator and animated in premiere pro. If you're working in UE4, you can animate most stuff you need in UMG and use flipbooks tho.
  7. wip combat space concept for our fps campaign game.
  8. Thats because most players wouldn't at least be able to articulate why they like something. Realistically the community should've adopted some kinda knowledge for understanding why spaces and encounters are good/bad due to macro/micro/active sandbox meta before passing judgement in the same way we have to think about them before designing. But unfortunately, there are more CincyBearcats92s in the Halo sphere than there are TheActMans.
  9. Is the project secret due to contract restraints? If you're allowed to disclose external work, even just a devlog would be nice and its helped gain a lot of support for games like Ill and Thouest Thee/Wrought Flesh.
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